Thursday 29 October, 2020

Ocean Hotels optimistic about future of tourism in 2021 post-COVID

General Manager and CEO of the Ocean Hotels Group Patricia Alfonso-Dass

General Manager and CEO of the Ocean Hotels Group Patricia Alfonso-Dass

The General Manager of the Ocean Hotels Group is optimistic that there are better times ahead for the tourism sector in 2021. 

Patricia Alfonso-Dass spoke to Loop News this week after the launch of Liv The Weekend, an event which will see near 300 locals take part in a weekend of parties and events at the Ocean Two Resort. It is to be held in October. 

The Ocean Hotels Group General Manager spoke about the process of reopening amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic and how the health and safety of staff and guests are their main concerns. 

"The most important thing with respect to reopening is the health and safety of our team members and our guests...So on reopening, and over the course of time we've been closed, a tremendous amount of focus has been put on working with the Government and the Health authorities," Patricia Alphonso-Dass said. 

Dass, who also chairs the health subcommittee of the National Tourism Recovery Taskforce, said that they made a stern effort to work diligently to make sure that protocols used by all hotels were not only safe but also workable. 

She says that at current they are still faced with lower than expected occupancy and have seen around 30 per cent since reopening.


"The biggest challenges obviously when you are reopening are your numbers...We've opted to open with occupancies lower than what we would like but what we've seen is since we have been open is a positive spinoff in terms of bookings coming in. People having confidence that they can come and stay safely and that is pushing business moving forward," Dass said. 

Ocean Two Hotel


But she says that they are looking ahead towards 2021, with numbers projected to pick up in terms of bookings and as a result, they have begun major construction to expand Ocean Two Hotel next year.

"As we look forward to the winter with the increase in service and flights out of the UK for example, we are starting to see our forward bookings pick up and to be honest, 2021 isn't looking too bad. So assuming and hoping that things remain the same that's a positive sign but we all know the one challenging thing with this disease is how quickly things can change," Dass stated. 

The Ocean Group of Hotels consists of South Beach Hotel, Sea Breeze Hotel and The Ocean Two Hotel.

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