Don't let fear stop your business plans, says BCCI head

He said the mindset that you should not fail when you are in business is one that must be changed for entrepreneurship in Barbados to thrive.

Speaking to the media following last week’s launch of a Business Leadership Seminar which will feature Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, Mr Abed said too many young people have great ideas and skills, but they are too fearful to step out of the box they are in and share since they believe they will fail at what they do.

Students making a difference after Challenge

The monies were generated through the 22 businesses created by the students who participated in the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation/FLOW $20 Challenge.

This was revealed at the Scotiabank-sponsored charity event held this morning at the Cave Hill School of Business.

Barbados leading Caribbean in SMB development

An achievement that Minister of Small Business Development Donville Inniss is pleased about.

Having completed Phase I of the Caribbean Small Business Development Centres (SBDC) Project for the five beneficiary countries, the US State Department working in collaboration with the OAS has positioned Barbados for this the second phase and for this they have been lauded.

Those in the SBDC are this week being trained in a Global Value Chain Workshop which was launched yesterday.

Why Trump will find it hard to make American economy greater

A diminished trade gap. The creation of 25 million jobs over 10 years, including the return of good-paying factory positions.

It all adds up to an immense challenge, one that Trump aims to achieve mostly by cutting taxes, loosening regulations, boosting infrastructure spending and renegotiating or withdrawing from trade deals. At the top of his agenda: Pulling out of the 12-nation Pacific trade agreement and rewriting the North American Free Trade Agreement to better serve the United States.

With job announcements, firms appear to seek Trump approval

Trump, in response, has taken to Twitter to signal his approval.

"Thank you to General Motors and Walmart for starting the big jobs push back into the U.S.!" he tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Yet it's unclear just how many jobs are actually being saved or created as a result of Trump's push or whether his administration will hold companies accountable for their pledges. In a solid job market with just 4.7 percent unemployment, hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs are added all the time for a broad range of reasons.

For all his threats, Trump is seen by businesses as key ally

Yet much of corporate America appears to view Trump not as an adversary but as a powerful friend. For all his bullying stance toward some companies, businesses have been cheered by his vows to slash taxes and soften Obama-era rules that were designed to protect workers, the environment and the financial system and by his choices to lead the Labor Department and Environmental Protection Agency.

Banking on change: Tech startups target financial services

Silicon Valley is pressuring banks to change their ways or risk becoming the latest industry overtaken by technology. Hundreds of startups are offering easier and cheaper ways to save, borrow, spend and invest. They are doing it by shifting the battleground to smartphone apps and websites, which function as digital offices that are accessible around the clock with minimal staffing, and by lowering fees.

Barbados Youth Business Trust should be recognised

The BYBT has joined with strategic partners to hosts Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2016 for the 9th time.

Addressing the launch of activities, held at Cave Hill School of Business recently, Mr. Lashley said BYBT needs to be recognised for the stellar work they are doing to facilitate a series of national events to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurship as an economic contributor.

5 social media posts that can get you fired

Businesses know that their brand impacts on how existing and potential customers view them and therefore every single employee becomes a representation of that brand.

While you may think that you’re off-the-clock, employers are monitoring your activities on social media and if they think you have done something that compromises that image they have worked to develop, it can result in you being fired.

Like it or not, there are certain practices on social media which are no-nos for employers, take a look at the list and see some of them.


Spielberg's Amblin, China's Alibaba announce partnership

The deal adds to a multibillion-dollar string of Chinese ventures with Hollywood studios to capture more of the profits from China's growing media market.

Alibaba Pictures will acquire a minority stake in Amblin Partners, the companies said. Amblin, co-owned by Spielberg, combines DreamWorks Studios, Participant Media, Reliance Entertainment and Entertainment One.

No financial details were announced.