Donville Inniss

Motorists must pay

This was disclosed by Minister of International Business, Donville Inniss, yesterday following the official opening of the LED Illuminations Inc. showroom at their Vauxhall location yesterday.

Inniss says the Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley is looking at this issue. “I know that the Ministry of Energy, along with the Ministry of Public Works, they have been working on a programme to change out the lights on the highway to get the ones that are more fuel-efficient,” he said.

Barbados leading Caribbean in SMB development

An achievement that Minister of Small Business Development Donville Inniss is pleased about.

Having completed Phase I of the Caribbean Small Business Development Centres (SBDC) Project for the five beneficiary countries, the US State Department working in collaboration with the OAS has positioned Barbados for this the second phase and for this they have been lauded.

Those in the SBDC are this week being trained in a Global Value Chain Workshop which was launched yesterday.

Inniss: It’s not too late to make things right

And one Cabinet Minister says he is optimistic about doing so, since it is a work in progress.

Commerce Minister and St James South MP, Donville Inniss, says while the administration has not been as effective in its communication as it ought to be, its members are trying their best to rectify any issues that may affect the country.

He told media this morning that he asks himself every day if he has done something wrong and he works towards fixing it.

Inniss not dismissing March of Disgust

“I only know what I saw on social media and traditional media but I certainly paid great attention to the march. I think anytime you have a sizeable portion of a population taking to the streets that they are sending a message and the government must take note,” he said, noting that he was out of the country at the time of the event.

Inniss: Barbados must become more efficient

During a wide-ranging discussion with members of the Barbados Customs Brokers and Clerk Association over the weekend, Inniss pointed out that being more efficient was all part of the strategy to enhance competitiveness in the wider economy and society, ultimately resulting in containing the cost of living and doing business in Barbados.

More notaries to improve the ease of doing business

At present 13 persons perform this task, but eight persons should be added to the list once the Notaries Public Bill, 2017 which was passed in the Lower House just before noon today, is passed in the Upper House.

The Bill was brought by Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, Donville Inniss, to ease the overburdening of the current notaries public who must carry out their regular functions, as well as their duties as notaries public.

Focus on partnerships to move people forward

Leader of the Barbados-based CoESL, Dr Marcia Brandon recently met with the team of the Ministry’s Business Development Unit to discuss ongoing working partnerships.

The Ministry has inclusive plans to mobilize and roll out its work to the general public by garnering the interests and partnerships of all stakeholders. This will happen over the next two months.

Potholes are not a problem for all, says Minister Jones

However, he did not ignore the public outcry.

Noting that the state of the potholes in Barbados are now a hot topic, Jones said he does not blame persons for becoming agitated because the world is going through a crisis right now.

A working day can no longer be 8 hours

Word of this came from Member of Parliament for St James South Donville, who was speaking in the House of Assembly this morning as they debated The Holiday with Pay Bill 2017.

He says that it is time it is realised that the normal work day cannot be eight in the morning to four in the evening.

Bill to protect employers too, not employees only

Donville Inniss says government is committed to creating the right environment for employees to ensure that they are protected, but he says this will in no way compromise the rights of employers.