Valentine's Day

VIDEO: What's your best and worst Valentine's memory?

While some look forward to the romantic occasion, for others the memories might not be so great.

Among the Loop team, some favourite memories included going on their first date with the person that they would eventually marry, while the worst was expecting a fancy dinner outing but instead being taken to a fast food restaurant... for the special. Guess that was their idea of a 'special' evening.

So what Valentine's Day experiences have stood out for others? Loop went into Bridgetown to find out.

8 kinds of love to celebrate on Valentine's Day

But why should February 14 be off-limits to those who aren't in the thralls of romantic bliss?

We all have people in our lives we are fond of and value greatly. While those connections are not romantic — a thoughtful colleague, a beloved pet — nobody can deny that these relationships are equally as important and worth acknowledging.

So this Valentine's Day, let's expand our definition of love to include all of those special people in our lives.

Your local barista

12 Valentine’s Day dancehall requests and tips

So, in 2017, if you were asked to send a dancehall request out to your bae on air today, Valentine’s Day what would you choose?

Of course, it would be the clean versions, the radio edits.

Here are some requests suggested by Loop’s readership to bring on that Valentine’s Day fever.

1. Come into my room – Movado feat. Stacious

2. One more time – Alkaline

3. In Trouble – Stiffy

4. Under de influence – Chris Martin

5. Heels on – Lady Saw

6. Romping Shop/Conjugal Visit – Vybz Kartel and Spice

7. Fleek – Alkaline

10 soca songs to fuel your Valentine's

But, fear not, you can celebrate Valentine's and still keep it Carnival by making soca love songs the soundtrack to your day.

Here are ten soca tracks to celebrate your day of love. 

1) Wine up by Kes the Band: This is a sexy track which is sure to put you in the mood.

2) Waves by Machel Montano: Guys, serenade your lady with this and your night might just turn out the way you want 

VOX POP: What's your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day date?

Loop News' Valentine's Day ambassador Machel Erskine went around Kingston in search of answers.

Watch the video and have a lovely day!


Idris Elba invites fans to "pound his yams" for Valentines

The invitation comes with conditions, however,  as it is tied to Omazes latest charity fundraising campaign for W.E. Can Lead, an initiative dedicated to ensuring schoolgirls in Sierra Leone receive equal access to education.

How well do you know your partner?

It’s Love Safely Week and Loop has teamed up with Barbados' National HIV/AIDS Commission to celebrate the occasion.

It’s important to know yourself and your partner and – regardless of your relationship status – it’s even more important to take action, get tested and love safely. Visit and to learn more. 

Say it with soca this Valentine’s Day

It can be hard to find the right words to say how you feel. This Valentine’s, why not get some help from a popular soca artiste? Whether it’s a new love interest, an old flame or bae, they’ve got you covered.

When they’ve caught your eye:


Hypasounds – Sugar Rush