Flavorite is back

Flavorite is back in business. And the company is relaunching with its full complement of staff who were kept employed over the period the company was not in operation. Keenon Roper Manager, Group ...

September 06, 2018

Japanese create ice cream that won't melt

Enjoying an ice cream is usually a hurried affair. Leisurely licks usually result in a messy hand as ice cream is known for melting the longer it stays outside of the chiller. Thanks to the Japa...

August 11, 2017

Haagen Daz launches dairy free ice cream

If you are not eating dairy or just lactose intolerant, Haagen Daz just made your ice- cream choices easier.  The company has launched a non-dairy option which they promise is creamier in text...

July 07, 2017