Slight reduction in gas, diesel prices

Motorists in Barbados have been given an early Christmas gift in the form of a slight reduction in gas prices.  Effective from Sunday, December 1, the retail price of gasoline and diesel&...

December 02, 2019
Barbados News

Further decrease in gas prices

As of Sunday November 3, adjustments have been made to the retail prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene.  The retail price of gasoline will decrease, while the prices of diesel and...

November 04, 2019
Barbados News

Gas prices to increase

The retail prices of gasoline and diesel will increase effective midnight Sunday, September 8. However, the price of kerosene will decrease. Gasoline will be adjusted from $3.78 per litre to $...

September 08, 2019
Barbados News

Slight decrease in gas prices

The retail prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene will decrease, effective midnight Sunday, July 7. Gasoline will drop from $3.93 per litre to $3.86 per litre; diesel from $3.14 per litre to $3.02...

July 07, 2019
Barbados News

New gas prices to take effect

Barbadians will be paying more for petroleum products effective midnight Sunday, June 2. The retail price of gasoline will increase from $3.88 per litre to $3.93 per litre, while diesel will rise f...

June 02, 2019
Barbados News