16 ways to spot a Bajan in a kitchen

Bajans just do things different. If granny tells you 'Go in de larduh' and you are clueless, you did not grow up in a Bajan home. They will always call the refrigerator 'the fridge', so get accu...

January 28, 2018

How to spot a Bajan traveller in an airport

If you’re standing in a line in an airport around the world and you are praying to see a fellow Barbadian, there are some telltale signs. Now these indicators may not be unique to Barbadians but a ...

January 24, 2017

Grocery shopping with a Bajan

Have you ever had to buy “chuna”? Then chances are a Bajan, most likely an elderly Bajan, has sent you out to the supermarket or corner shop for groceries. Here are 16 other things you may ...

November 10, 2016

What ‘De rain falling’ means to Bajans

To different Barbadians the phrase ‘De rain falling’ means different things. If you doubt that, read this article and see. Here are 10 different sets of people and each one interprets ‘De rain f...

September 14, 2016