Tuesday 27 October, 2020

10 features you loved at the old airport

The old Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) was a trip.

Back in the day people just used to catch a bus to go and sit and watch the happenings at the airport in Christ Church.

But what drew people to the airport before it was renovated?

Here are 10 features that Old GAIA, formerly known as Seawell Airport, had that people enjoyed.

1. The hole in the stairs. If you never took a pic, lounged or hid in the hole in the design of the stairwell, you missed out on a piece of history.

2. The payphone seated section with the immovable chairs. As a kid you loved to find change in the phone or even a card. Remember calling cards?

3. The clear glass upstairs that allowed you to look into Customs and Immigration. Security? What security?

4. The clear view of the tarmac from upstairs. *insert big wave* Looka muh family getting off de plane now!

5. The sun mural on the wall at the back of the airport in the Check—in open lounge area, near the bathrooms. Did they keep that piece of historic beauty? Yes they did. So go look for it next time.

6. The Banks bar and shop was the landmark at the old GAIA. Where are you? I by de Banks shop!

7. BWIA – Not Better Walk If Able, it was the BWIA West Indies Airways Limited better known as “B-wee”.

8. Kiosks – forget fancy sit-down restaurants with booths. There was the pastry and patty kiosk, the souvenir kiosks, the snack kiosk and look sharp if you don’t have a good sense of direction you could get lost walking between the kiosks until you spot the Banks shop.

9. The claytone floor tiles meant that you had to take care when walking between the kiosks especially when it rains. One quick, badly-placed step could land you in a lovely puddle of water or off the stepping stone path onto the mud and grass.

10. Barbados could brag about being one of the chosen few destinations where the Concorde travelled to, and today now it’s the permanent home of one of the same spectacular planes. Older people still talk about and remember its first landing in 1977. They also said that its speed and noise were incomparable and unique. They could always look up or even just catch its sound on the wind and say “That’s de Concorde!”

Do you even have memories of the old GAIA? Can you throw further back to when the terminal was a shed or can you remember any other features? Comment and tell us.

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