Tuesday 20 October, 2020

10 murders in Jamaica within 24 hours

There were 10 murders recorded across the island within a period of 24 hours between 6 am on July 8, and to 6 am on July 9.

The list included a triple murder in which three men were shot execution-style in the St John's Road area of Spanish Town, St Catherine just after midnight on July 8. 

One of the men has been identified as Rusheed Vassell, otherwise called 'Bully', a 25-year-old customer service representative of Clayton Heights in the parish. The other men remain unidentified.

Reports are that at about 12.05 am, the men were at a house at St John's Road when armed men, posing as cops, ordered them to open their doors, and took them outside and killed them execution-style.

Another man, Ian 'Russian' Ivey, a plumber, was killed in the St Catherine North Police Division in the vicinity of an ice-cream and pastry shop in Bog Walk, St Catherine at about 3.50 pm on July 8.

He had driven to the location and ordered a meal and was standing at the entrance to the business establishment when he was approached by two men on foot, one of whom pulled a gun and opened fire, hitting him Ivey several times.

In Hanover, a 71-year-old labourer, Edward Williams, was at his home sitting on his verandah with a friend, when a man on a motorcycle rode up and fired a single shot killing Williams.

In St James, the body of Leon Fuller, a 44-year-old mechanic, was found lying on its back along a roadway in a pool of blood, and the police were alerted. The body had gunshot wounds to its chest and back, and Fuller's AD Wagon motorcar was found crashed some distance away.

In Trelawny, Wayne Reid, a 52-year-old vendor of Church Street in Lucea, Hanover, was killed in the weekly Falmouth ‘Bend Down’ Market by an unknown assailant. Reid, who sold clothes in the market, was at work in the morning with his friend, Randel Williams, when a white van was parked in front of his stall. Reid reportedly spoke to the driver of the vehicle, a female, telling her that she could not park in front of his stall. An altercation developed, and the female reportedly used a machete to hit Reid all over his body, and in response, Reid used a fan to hit the woman. She reportedly fell and vowed that "Mi must kill yuh”. Reid made a report to the Falmouth police, then returned to his stall at about 12.45 pm, where a lone gunman shot him. He later died at the Falmouth Hospital.

In St Mary, a 36-year-old unemployed man, Courtney Stephano Geohagen, otherwise called ‘Fambo’, was killed at about 4 am on the Farm Pen Road in Gayle in the parish.

In the Kingston West Police Division, Phillip Richard, an unemployed man of Third Street, Kingston 12, was killed on Second Street at about 2.45 pm. The now deceased was reportedly observing men playing dominoes when he was pounced upon by men armed with guns, one of whom opened fire at him, hitting him. The men then made their escape.

In the St Catherine South Police Division, a 39-year-old stevedore, Novar Thomas, was shot and killed at Maureen Crescent in Edgewater. He was reportedly sitting in his car making preparations to leave for work, when a man alighted from a car in close proximity and opened fire, hitting the now deceased in the head and other sections of the upper body. The man returned to his vehicle and escaped from the scene.

There were also reports of an attempted rape, shootings and wounding, but no fatalities arose from those incidents.

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