Tuesday 27 October, 2020

10 things to do on date nights in Barbados

Bajans may not "date" in the true sense of dating, but there are some great places for dates around Barbados.

What does Loop mean when we say Bajans don't really "date date"? Well for many Bajans if a boy and girl, man and woman, two people who have feelings for each other go out together, "dem dealing" or "dem talking". Bajans don't even say, "They're dating."

Anyways, for those interested in breaking the norm and curious about dating, but need ideas, here are 10:

1. Harrison's Cave - Believe it or not, not everyone has been down under as it relates to Barbados. So if you want to go down underground with your significant and see one of the World's wonders, go to Harrison's Cave on a date.

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2. Behind the airport - Love watching planes? Is travel your love language? Well watching the planes take off and land while chatting together could be your thing.

3. Ice cream adventures - There are numerous ice cream parlors around Barbados and it's a sweet way to get to know someone. Go try toppings, review the parlors and chill without Netflix.

4. Netflix and chill - Because we for sure are not knocking a TV and popcorn night. If it's early days yet, try not to Netflix and Chill on the bed in the bedroom.

5. Go driving - Explore Barbados, parish by parish. Get to know Barbados and get to know each other. Despite the gas hike, go out and about to learn about your new guy or gyal.

6. Paint and Sip - Do you like colours? Are you an artistic person? Go chat and paint.

7. Beach - Barbados is paradise? It is an island. It is surrounded by water. Therefore, beaches are along every single coast. Go to the beach and if it's a full moon, moonlight walks are great.

8. Dinner - you can go high-end on the West coast or dine on the South for a little less. Don't get us wrong, wing dings or hot wings taken to a park a night slaps too.

9. The Movies - You can go Olympus, or Limegrove or better yet, The Globe Drive-In to see a movie and enjoy food or snacks. It's not the best date idea if you wish to chat but you get to spend two hours or more in each others' company, uninterrupted.

10. Bus rides - You can take a bus ride instead of driving around or you can go on one of the old-time bus excursions or tour bus excursions together. Pack a basket and make a picnic out of it.

What is your favourite date idea in Barbados?

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