Friday 30 October, 2020

10 ways parents disrupt children's Google classrooms during COVID-19

Young girl trying to study (FILE)

Young girl trying to study (FILE)

It's Week 6 in online school for primary school students!

Almost half-way through the term, and children are fully engrossed in homeschooling and learning using the Google Suite during this COVID-19 pandemic. Though they're some challenges and hiccups, children have gotten the flow and hang of things, but parents are still making some unnecessary appearances in the virtual classrooms. Teachers have told Loop Lifestyle, sometimes it's hilarious, other times it's distracting and too many times it's downright unacceptable.

Parents are really showing up and showing out online, unfortunately.

1. Reporter: Heard or seen anything ridiculous from parents?

Teacher: The Ministry sent a dress code for students, but I have seen more bras, boxers and bare chests of parents and guardians than I ever need to see

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2. Child: B .......... Ohhhhhhh

Teacher: Yes, spell boxes

Child: B ..... O ...... X

Mother: If you don't spell that word I gine lick a lash 'longside your head

Teacher: Alright, we'll come back to you. Mute your mic.


3. Child: Sorry to be late teacher

Mother: Tell her de current went off


4. Teacher: What is the date?

Child: Monday

Teacher: Yes, tell me the full date

Mother whispers: De 8th

Child: De 8th

Teacher: Of what month?

Mother: Is June!


5. Mother: Girl put some clothes on, the camera is on!

Student: It is?! *jumps off the bed in just her undies and turns off her camera*

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6. Student to friends: So what y'all doing?

Parent: Is the teacher there yet?

Student: No

Parent: She always late

Teacher: Um, good morning!


7. Student turns on YouTube on second device: So what wunna want to hear?

Guardian: Wait you is de class DJ?

Student: De teacher ain't ain't in de class yet

Guardian: Every day so


8. Reporter: So any of your students' parents said anything hilarious or shocking?

Teacher: I wish. I had a mother walk past the screen naked as she born though. I can't unsee it.


9. Student unmutes mic to answer a question: *Music with curse words blazing in the background and adults cursing loudly*

Teacher mutes mic: Alright, show me your book with your answer. Hold up your book to the camera 


10. Child: My sister can come in class for me?

Teacher: No

Sister: But his tablet dying and I have my phone


Please take more care with your conduct in your children's online classrooms. The same way you dress up for class meetings, PTA meetings or year level meetings, try to keep that same energy now in the virtual school.

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