Friday 3 July, 2020

12 Bajan Sunday traditions

Read below and see which Bajan habits you possess.

1. No cussing

A person may swear and cuss like a pirate Monday to Saturday but "Eh hey, hold up, not tuhday Sundee!"

2. Hair plaits

Sitting on cushions on the floor, a small chair or high-up in a regular chair, most school-aged children, and even adults will this evening be getting their hair done in braids, cornrows, twists, or some other style to look fancy for the week ahead.

3. Do-down

That is, they will cook up a feast in the kitchen. The pots may have been turned down since Thursday but today it’s all about Sundee lunch – macaroni pie, baked chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, veg, rice and peas, the works!

4. Ice-cream

On Sundees, ice-cream is expected two ways. Some people say a prayer at church that de ice-cream truck passes today, while others make a plan to be at Haloute Sundee evening enjoying the flavours.

5. Sno cone

After church, besides having ‘de [news]papuh money’ Bajans try to put aside ‘de sno cone’ money but others in some districts wait to hear the horn tooting as the sno cone man brings their sno cones to their doors. Sno cone man Grantley even lets people bring their own cups to get their sno cones.

6. Homework

If Sunday evening comes and you still have to finish homework trust and believe there may be some tears as you write fast under the watchful eye of the belt or cou-cou stick – ‘’Cause I don’t know how you still got dis tuh do and bout de place playing since Fridee!”

7. Coconut water

Getting a bottle of coconut water or some coconut jelly from along the highways and byways to have a drink with the Sundee meal or to top up de Sundee nightcap was a thing for many and still is.

8. Going to the bread shop

The bakery or the bread person located along some street will see many people this evening. Many Bajans trek to de baker to get the freshest bread this evening. In some neighbourhoods, the benefit of going to the bread shop means you may get your salt breads hot out the oven and in a brown paper bag, not the regular plastic bag.

9. Watching the Sunday movie

The one local TV station CBC used to see some of the highest views on Sunday afternoon after lunch when they showed the movie. Best was when a popular movie showed and not a Lifetime flick.

10. Time to sing

After the movie, in the evening you were scrambling to see which song group was featured on Time To Sing. The phone would start ringing if people you knew were on the TV as everyone called to say “Turn on de TV fast fast fast, so-and-so pun de TV!”

11. Going for a drive

Those persons who have cars would hop in the car and go for a drive all in the country while others would go to the bus terminal and get aboard whichever bus pulled in first and just take a bus ride around Barbados.

12. Afternoon nap

After all the food and drinks and movies, hair plaits and evuhting, you can almost expect that an evening call to a home can be met with a swift “He or she sleeping.” The “–itis” gets many right after they eat their last forkful and drink the last sip of the mauby, lemonade or said coconut water. 

What else do you do on Sundays? Is it your beach day


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