Wednesday 8 July, 2020

12 foods students loved from Schools Meals

Pelau (FILE)

Pelau (FILE)

The Google classroom is missing School Meals.

Going to school online means that parents or students are cooking every day or every other day, so everyone is possibly eating something different. It's no longer the long lines at nursery, primary and select secondary schools during lunch for the School Meals delivery.

Online teaching and learning has taken many aspects of school away from students and School Meals is one of those things.

So, which dishes or offerings are children missing the most?

Loop Lifestyle asked current and past students what was top of their lists. Here are the 12 School Meals favourites:

1. Cream potato and beef stew

This won by miles. If you do not agree, don't fight Loop... Fight your tastebuds!

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2. Macaroni Pie

For some, it was too mushy, yet for a large number of people, the School Meals pie was actually number one.

3. Pelau

If you used to get more chicken than bone in the brown rice pelau (cook-up), this dish may have been number two on this list. This dish outshone its relative salt fish and rice by leaps and bounds.

4. Hotdog and bread

With red sauce or no sauce, some people loved this day of the week every month the most.

5. Burgers

"That's all I use to ate!" - One responder to Loop.

6. Fried chicken and bread

To fast-food establishments and restaurants, it's a chicken sandwich but School Meals kept it simple - Chicken and a bun. Some of the people who didn't pay their $1 for school meals on the Monday of the week, used to try to ease in the line when this treat got served on Fridays. You even had some children who would go try to pay a dollar to the teacher just to join the queue for chicken...and bread of course. (Don't check the galvanised tub or bucket for scraps after lunch to see how much bread janitors got to take home for their dogs on Fridays!)

7. Fried chicken and vegetable rice

It seems that students at a primary school in the heart of Bridgetown got this delicacy. Must be nice.

8. Rice and peas with stewed chicken

An older woman said that this was top tier in her day.

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9. Split pea rice

This staple is standing out in the minds of some. Some said it came with corned beef while others could not recall anything except "I think I liked the split pea rice." 

10. Rock cakes

Desserts relieve stress and School Meals got it right with the rock cakes. Some people liked the fruits but the rock cakes "win nuff people", as they say.

11. Ice cream

The younger students used to get and are getting ice cream as dessert. Older folks wish.

12. Milk

With many people hating the break-time milk that was shared out, surprise, surprise, surprise loads of persons said that milk was their all-time favourite thing from School Meals. The lovers of the milk, which many suspected was goat's milk, are split though on whether the vanilla or strawberry was better.

Google classroom is missing a tasty component.

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