Saturday 28 November, 2020

2 Mile Hill shows Barbados some 'Big Love' this Independence

2 Mile Hill Cover for latest single Big Love

2 Mile Hill Cover for latest single Big Love

2 Mile Hill is bringing the love to Bajans this November.

The Bajan pop music group has released a brand new song meant to push Bajan spirits high and show their love of 'Bimshire' to the world.

Released in the month of Independence, the song posseses the wonderful tones that 2 Mile Hill is often known for.  Lead singer Mahalia Cummins told Loop News that things organically fell into place during the making the song.

"Like so many things that unfolded in 2020, Big Love just came together at the exact moment it was supposed to. This is a year where any and all good, positive, and uplifting vibes need to be shared," Mahalia said.

She also explained how the writing process for the Bajan love letter came about.

"I started writing Big Love around the same time as Talk To Me after feeling a really strong pull towards my love for my home, my people, and my accent and dialect. I hit a point where even though I knew what I wanted to say, I didn’t know exactly how to say it so I put it on pause for a while.

In 2020, coronavirus and lockdowns, which provided a perfect storm. After hearing our Prime Minister urging Bajans to pull together and lean on each other so we could make it through, the spark was light for me and that gave me what I needed to get the thoughts out and finish the song," Mahalia said.

Describing the song as an unofficial anthem for Bajans around the world, the group hopes that it allows all of Barbadians to feel connected their home. 

"Big Love is an anthem for Bajans, all around the world to help us feel that connection to home. I want it to warm people up if they’re abroad or isolated and feeling homesick and if you’re here in Bim like me, to remember that we the people, and our love are what make our country beautiful," Mahalia stated.

The song is available on YouTube and you can follow the group for more information but Mahalia says they will soon be bringing the Big Love to all music platforms.

What better way to rep Barbados right now than to show it some Big Love this Independence season!

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