Sunday 25 October, 2020

20 things that drive Bajan customers insane

Before you can find $2, the conductor is there ready to collect.

Before you can find $2, the conductor is there ready to collect.

Customers are peeved when customer service reps catch attitudes and do things that are not customer-friendly or customer-oriented.

Shoot, customers were annoyed that Loop brought the 20 things that annoy customer service reps before the customers’ complaints! Lol

Oh well… here are 20 things that drive customers up a wall when they are out and about trying to conduct their business.

1. As soon  as you walk through the door, ‘Can I help you?’ Muh girl give me a second to even register what store I am in and catch a lil of this ac 'cause that sun out dey could kill yuh!

2. Before the van gets out the van stand, the conductor is coming down the aisle for bus fare. 'Boss I now sit down and your last stop aint QEH or the Bridgetown Port or for those in the North, I aint getting out by Six Mens or Colridge and Parry School. Let de bus move off and pass a few bus stops nuh.'

3. Does that complete your order? 'Sweet girl, I done call for what I can afford, don’t come to make me consider and spend what I don’t have.'

4. Looking through racks in the store. ‘You gine Soca Royale?’ Looks around. You talking to me? ‘Yes muh girl you gine Royale? All de people buying dem fuh up dey.’ No. ‘Wuh you waan uh outfit tuh go?’ I just looking. (Not everyone cares to disclose their business. We ain' friends)

5. I want a size Large. ‘Hun uh Small would fit you’. IT AINT FOR ME! (Stop being fast)

6. *calls business place* Person answers and smacks, then says, ‘Good maarning!’ (Not today Jesus)

7.*calls business place* Morning, XYX at ABC, can I help you? *chomp, chomp, chomp* ‘Hello? Are you eating on the phone?’ (Makes the sign of a cross on chest)

8. Walks to the counter. ‘I gine lunch so she gine deal with you when she done.’ 

9. *beep, beep, beep,* So Mark gone lunch? 'Yea he left jess now.' So when you gine lunch? 'I ain ready yet.' Oh. *beep, beep, beep* I feel I gine jess now too. *beep,beep* So… “EXCUSE ME! Just scan de groceries and chat with your packing friend AFTER! Two groceries, yap, three groceries yap some more. Do your work and let me get from in hey. Talk at de lunch wunna tekking jess now!”

10. ‘Excuse me’ No one looks around. ‘Excuse me’ No one looks around. ‘EXCUSE ME!’ Yes! ‘I just want to know if y’all skipped 56, cause I heard 55, 57, 58…’ Duh ain got nuh sandwiches so you gaw wait. ‘You couldn’t tell me so ever since?’

11. Hello, good morning! Please hold. *Wuh she aint even let me say a thing*

12. Holds up item. What’s the price? ‘Umm..dat is $80!’ ( had to think about it? Get price tags please)

13. Sees a post on Facebook. Someone is selling an item. There are no contact details. *rolls eyes*

14. Sees a post on Facebook. PM for price and location. *closes post*

15. Teller presses the buzzer. You walk to the counter. He is still shifting around details from the last person and tying bags and going to get a stapler and come back. Another teller presses the buzzer and starts to serve the person who was behind you immediately. UGHHH!

16. Calls and makes an order. You are told 20 mins 'til it's ready. Gets to the place 28 minutes later, and still has to wait.

17. Meet me to collect the item at 10:00am *calls the vendor* ‘I’m here and it’s 10:00am’ Oh you’s one uh dem Bajans. I gine get dey in bout 15 minutes.

18. Do you have 2 XYZs? ‘Yea, I got one.’ *Rep proceeds to cash register to check out' I said I need two. ‘Wuh get one hay and check someway else fuh de next.’ You fuh serious? De devil is a lyuh *walks out of store*

19. Orders food item and pulls out debit card. ‘You need to spend $20 or more to swipe.’

20. Good morning, my appointment to see Dr. So-and-so is at 9:30 am. ‘Okay, just sign in’ Thanks. *9:15 am passes, along with 9: 30, 9:45, and even 10: 15 am.* Turns to customer to the left in the waiting area, ‘Excuse me I had a 9:15 am appointment’. Customer #2: Oh! I’s 9:30 am and that fella dey is 9 o’ clock.  

These are just some of the things that drive customers crazy in Barbados. You can get poor customer service online, in person, at the counter, at the doctor, dentist, bank, it doesn’t matter. But don’t feel bad; it’s not you, it’s some of them. Some customer service reps are there for the pay cheque.

What annoys you most?

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