Monday 23 November, 2020

20 ways people are dropping COVID-19 safety protocols

COVID-19 has not gone from Barbados but some people have seemingly become complacent and dropped their guards since the weeks of zero new cases and zero active cases.

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With commercial flights having resumed as of July 12 from low-risk and medium-risk countries along with repatriation flights, protocols in Barbados have been tighten as of last weekend according to the Ministry of Health.

Barbados now has eight active cases in Isolation up to July 20. All of these new active cases are imported cases.

Mindful of persons who tested negative initially retesting positive a week later and with the knowledge that patients can be asymptomatic, the health officials in Barbados have been asking Barbadians not to slack off on their safety.

However, here are 20 failures that Loop has seen on island as the 'new normal' unfolds:

  1. No hand sanitizer in the hand sanitization station - People walk up to the stationary sanitization centre and press to pump and nothing comes out. They stupse, look around, mumble and proceed into the store. "Mek me touch up that thing for nothing!"
  2. The guard who is doubling as the hand sanitizer distributor at the door is at lunch and there is no replacement in the interim. "Part de spray?"
  3. Mask worn below the nose. "I does can't breathe otherwise."
  4. Spray your hands. "Please pull down your mask and look at the camera." You then fix back your mask by touching the contaminated outside and proceed inside. No second spraying. 

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  5. "Hands!" ... "Sorry, sorry, sorry bout dah boss" *Place cell phone and keys in pocket, gets hands sprayed* "Thanks!" *Pulls out dirty keys and phone in store to go shopping.*
  6. The sign in the store says: DO NOT TOUCH ITEMS ON DISPLAY. Woman 1 sits on the mattress to test it. Man 1 opens the toaster oven to see how big inside is. Woman 2 sits on the sofa to wait for the line to get shorter.
  7. The temperature reader is against the wall, if you walk to it is up to you. No one is monitoring the temperature check at the door.
  8. Scans your forehead. Scans your temple. Scans your wrist. "Ort your wrist say 36.6 go long"
  9. *Walks to the Exit and sees items grandmurr stacked in front of it blocking it* Employee: "You have to go back through the front entrance. We only have one exit now."
  10. Hand sanitizing persons sitting beside the door waiting for patrons to enter and walk over to them to get their hands sprayed. "Sir, you have me excellent! If I din see you dey you did fine run after me?"
  11. No sanitizer dispenser or wipes or tissues in ATMs especially after hours. 
  12. At drive-thru ATMs there are signs saying 'DO NOT SPRAY OR WIPE THE NUMBER PAD OR SCREEN WITH ANYTHING!' What are people to do?
  13. People are "wearing masks" by holding them in front of their faces to be granted entry or access but not fastening or securing them because "It's messing up my make up" or "It's smudging my makeup" or "I'm just coming in for a second to buy one thing". Many people are equating masks to tickets not to asthma inhalers. They grant access not save lives in their minds.
  14. In airconditioned buildings, employees behind screens are wearing masks on one ear while they work.
  15. Employees behind screens are asking persons to take off or pull down their masks because "I cyan hear you!"
  16. People are opting to wear only a face shield as if that was ever a sole option. The virus enters through eyes, nose and mouth. The face shield is only trying to protect one of those three. 
  17. Employees are passing card machines to everyone without sanitizing in between and many are demanding customers hand over their cards instead of inserting them themselves.
  18. People are mixing concoctions and calling it sanitizer. People have even complained about smelling bleach after being sprayed on entering some establishments. "Sir I'm allergic to bleach. I have my own sanitizer." ... "We can't trust that. I have to spray you with this." ... "What is in it?"... "Alcohol and ting. You want me go and ask what exactly?" ... "YESSSSS!"
  19. The basket is being passed for the items to be placed inside. They are removed by someone wearing gloves. They aren't changing their gloves after serving each client nor is the basket that the clients are touching being sanitized. This is happening in public healthcare facilities.
  20. People are still trying on items in COVID-19 2020 without someone sanitizing the item after or putting the item out of rotation for hours before being put back on the shelf or rack. Research is still up in the air about how long the virus lives on certain surfaces.

Some Barbadians have gone back to a lot of contact when the world demands contactless living.

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