Sunday 25 October, 2020

21 things parents are tired hearing in online Google classes

Mum helping daughter with homeschooling (Internet image:

Mum helping daughter with homeschooling (Internet image:

Online school work is not done yet and parents, especially of students ages three to 12, are tiyaaaaaad. That is, they are super-duper tired. 

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Loop Lifestyle is sad to be the bearer of bad news, but some summer camps are also taking the learning, education and fun online too. COVID-19 is the pandemic that just keeps boosting and advancing the use of tablets, smartphones and computers to connect teachers and students and now camp counsellors and campers. Gone for now are the days of 'See you after school/camp' as your child goes through the door for six hours at least.

Parents may have been looking forward to July 24 with much excitement, only to learn that unless they can afford to send their children to private camps which are trying to find ways to social distance and safely operate, they will have their children at home and engaged online until September 2020 probably.

So what are some of the problems that parents are facing while homeschooling?

Many parents feel as though their ears will drop off if their child calls their name one more time throughout the day...but here are 21 things that children and teachers are specifically saying while in the Google Classroom incessantly and driving them B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 

  1. Excuse ma'am/sir
  2. My tablet dying
  3. Mummy you see my charger
  4. Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!
  5. If you unmute that mic again
  6. Mute your mic
  7. 5 minutes/10 minutes water break
  8. My teacher ain't here yet
  9. Leh me see you house
  10. I cyan find my pencil
  11. Wait sir/ma'am you going to fast
  12. I like I talking to myself
  13. My Internet dropped
  14. I ain hear wuh you say. You could repeat please?
  15. I ain see de homework/I do de homework/Who has not submitted the homework?/I am only seeing homework from...
  16. I don't wanna bathe to go class. I don't need pants/a skirt
  17. Your background is too noisy
  18. Mummy is 1 o'clock yet? Daddy is 12 o'clock yet? I got class this afternoon. What time it is now? (God help the parents with infant children who cannot tell time yet!)
  19. I back (mic off); I back (unmute mic); Sir I back! Sir you hear me tell you that I back?! (These children after a water break, worse than Natlee's "I am baaaack!")
  20. Ort see wunna tuhmar. Bye children.
  21. *Drum roll for parents' favourite line of all* I will send homework tonight. Please tell your parents and look out for it. We will discuss it tomorrow at 9 o'clock.

Some parents have no hair left to pull out at this stage. They are fed right up and there is no end in sight yet.

Keep parents whose children are in online classes and soon-to-be in online camps in your prayers. They need it.

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