Tuesday 29 September, 2020

5 Lessons Shelly learnt from her husband 'Bizzy' Williams in 13 years

Ralph 'Bizzy' Williams and Shelly Williams back on their wedding day (Source: IG)

Ralph 'Bizzy' Williams and Shelly Williams back on their wedding day (Source: IG)

Ralph 'Bizzy' Williams and Shelly Williams are celebrating 13 years of matrimony.

With a touching tribute on her Instagram page, Shelly Williams wrote:

"Happy anniversary my love we met when I was a mere 27yrs old I have spent most of my adult life loving you, today is our special day and I want to thank you for this exciting and privilege ride you have shared with me and the kids. 🥂Here’s to another 13yrs. I am forever your shells @ralphbizzy"

Bizzy, Head of Williams Industries amongst many other projects such Port St Charles and others, celebrated his birthday recently, in July, and Loop asked Shelly what are five business lessons her mogul husband has taught her over the years.

With many people always wishing to be a fly on the wall when Bizzy is concocting his business ideas and hashing out his plans of execution, it was great to hear from his wife what gems she has gleamed and even put into practice as she mans her own Platinum Services team.

She said:

  1. "I have adopted his business model of profit sharing. If your team works hard to build your business then they should share in the profits."
  2. "No one works for me, you are working with me."
  3. "The buck stops at me! As a leader we have accepted the responsibility. Don't blame anyone."
  4. "Lead by example and never ask your team to do what you are not willing to do."
  5. "Pay your creditors and be compliant. Good credit will allow you to grow your business."

Bizzy and Shelly or "Shells" as she says he affectionately calls her, were a couple before interracial relationships were a trend or a goal. With 13 years under their belt and according to Bizzy, "many mango seasons" behind them, he too still says they're "inseparable".

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