Tuesday 27 October, 2020

5 Songs stuck in everyone's head during COVID-19 Quarantine

Curtis Roach turned 15 seconds into a helluva lot of money and spotlight time. (Source: Curtis Roach YouTube)

Curtis Roach turned 15 seconds into a helluva lot of money and spotlight time. (Source: Curtis Roach YouTube)

Sometimes circumstances help make a song a hit and repetition surely assists.

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COVID-19 plus stay-at-home orders to ensure social distancing and stop the spread of this novel coronavirus have created the perfect environment for some songs to flourish.

And if you toss Tik Tok into the mix, this social media platform has really given some songs an additional shove down the ears of millions.

Many people may even find themselves randomly singing these songs while on work or study conference calls or humming them in the quiet of their rooms. Consciously, but predominantly unconsciously, these songs have been added to persons' music catalogue.

Which five songs?

Savage by Megan Thee Stallion

How many times have you seen the dance - "I'm a savage: Classy, bougie, ratchet, sassy, moody, nasty, acting stupid, what's happening?"

But did you know Tik Tok user keke.janajah, real name Keara Wilson is the person behind the #SavageChallenge seen all over the internet? Wilson reportedly created the dance and first posted a video of her choreography on March 10, 2020.

She goes by queen.kekeeee on Instagram and she was stoked when Megan did the dance finally.


Nice to know you by J Boog

The number of people who think this song is by a Jamaican artiste is hilarious. J Boog is actually an American artiste. He's from California.

The song has grown on millions but the jury is out on the Tik Tok dance accompanying this track. Some like it and some hate it and some think it should be off-limits for some. IYKYK

Don't Rush by Young T & Bugsey - Don’t Rush (Lyrics) ft. Headie On

The #DontRushChallenge in all its varieties gave this song new legs at a time when people are only walking around their homes with their smartphones all day.

Just in case all the lyrics you know are "Don't rush", here is the hook:

"Don't rush! Slow touch, playin' all-white like I got cluntch, Gyal run by like I'm gone buss, eye for eye, like I lose trust. White rum, easy bop, where you do go go when they go up? Catch my vibe, let me go off! Clammed her twice, man it's so tough."

Bored in the House by Curtis Roach x Tyga 

"I'm bored in the house and I'm in the house bored." THAT'S IT!

Many English teachers would have shared lashes if this is what you submitted for your 'How did you spend your Quarantine?" essay. Parents would have been called on Zoom because "Your child is not taking the assignment seriously. His vocab is seriously lacking and limited and does not go beyond 'I'm bored ma'am, ma'am, I'm bored.'"

Well, excuse me, teachers!

From being bored at home and posting a Tik Tok video to surpassing 10 million views worldwide with said video, to having Tyga jump on the beat and collaborating despite quarantine and no flying, to seeing that collab on Spotify hitting 1 Million monthly listeners, Curtis Roach done did it with BORED IN THE HOUSE! Dude even got the blue tick on Instagram now and errythang. 

Now we're all out here yelling at random moments during the day, "I'm bored in the house and I'm in the house bored."

Put Your Back In It (Afrobeat) by DJ Flex featuring Saucy Wow Denise Belfon & Equiknoxx

The Caribbean is not to be left out de do as they say. Of course, we love to be in de mix.

On Tik Tok the Caribbean dancers and just Caribbean people, in general, have been putting hilarious twists on this song pretending to be dance instructors, they coached themselves or significant others or siblings all while on lockdown in many cases.

But this one girl really captured the essence of how some Caribbean parents reacted to this track and if we're truthful, after hearing these five songs on repeat, this is how millions of people are reacting to all these jams now. lol 


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