Thursday 24 September, 2020

6 Reasons why your electric bill may be higher post-COVID

COVID-19 literally had everyone staying at home using more electricity that they normally would if they were out and about.

With over six hours spent at school or eight hours at work plus the two to four hours or more commuting to and from, no one used to be home 24/7 to use the killawatts per every minute of every hour like now.

So how are we using "de current" as Bajans like to say?

1. The fan

For Bajans, it's the trusty 'Lasko' fan that has not stopped spinning since March 21 or there about. Some have unplugged their fans to give them a good clean especially after having some Sahara Dust issues in May/June, but otherwise, not even with the storm conditions here and there in July and now in August, most Bajans have only turned the fan from 1 to 2, or 2 to 3 or 3 to 1, but not once have they turned it to 0 - not even during the power outages! On those occasions, some left the fan at 1, 2, or 3, just so they knew exactly when the power returned. Bajans ain't ever anything easy!

2. Chraging, charging, charging

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Once upon a time your phone or tablet or laptop charged overnight and lasted you all day or was on red as you made your way home in the evening. But not nowwwwwww! Wake up and yuh battery on red, plug it in and use it while charges. By the time it gets to 100 per cent and you watch YouTube or scroll through Instagram, before lunch time your devices be begging fuh a charge AGAIN.  

3. Refrigerator 

The kids are home. Need Loop Lifetsyle say more? The.Kids.Are.Home. 

They go in the fridge 72 HUNDRED THOUSAND times in one hour for the water bottle that they do not know how to refill and to stare at the contents like they will are watching Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep.

4. AC

A lot of people have installed air-conditioning units since COVID-19. One set of people have been getting some cool work while many battle unemployment and that is the AC installers.

5. Television

With many people preferring to watch Netflix, Plex, Hulu and many other streaming sites, since COVID-19 many people have been watching their shows as their air nightly on TV. 

6. Homeschooling and online camps

Teaching and learning went online and the electric bill took the hit. When class ended, it was homework on the devices and reading plus research. Then school ended and even Bible camp went online via Zoom too. The tablets and laptops just can't catch a break. See number 2 for why the extensive use of these devices add to the light bill.

7. Working from home

The employer used to foot the bill for all the charging when it comes to your work laptop and possibly charging your cell phone, but not anymore. So guess who's paying now to keep the lights on to be able to effectively work from home, with no bonus from work to cover the electric bill expenses or new 'electric allowance' added to salary? Ain't that some new norm expensive transitioning?!

What's making your light bill higher post-COVID?

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