Saturday 28 November, 2020

6 Rules Caribbean people are giving family in the US on Election Day

If only they could bring home their relatives for the Elections. (iSTOCK)

If only they could bring home their relatives for the Elections. (iSTOCK)

Today is Election Day in the United States of America and the advice that Caribbean people are giving their family in the American Diaspora is different this time in comparison to any other time.

In 2020, the year of Black Lives Matter (BLM), violent protests and the global COVID-19 pandemic, Caribbean people are taking no risks with their loved ones. Many grandparents and parents have sent strict instructions on how to go about their business today. Feeling the strain of being away from loved ones and then fearful because of travel protocols and COVID-19 lockdowns, family members are really wishing they could close the space right now.

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It may be the Caribbean paranoia passed down from generation to generation that is jumping out today, but it's in full effect more or less, and no chances are to be taken.

1. Stay indoors

Do not venture out, go out, step out. Stay at home.

2. Call-in sick

You read right. Some people have gone so far as to asked their loved ones to take this step to ensure they follow rule 1 on this list.

3. Cook

Do not order your food today. Put on a pot. You can guarantee what you eat is safe if you make it yourself today.

4. Drive yourself

If for any reason you must leave home today, get behind the wheel. Try to avoid calling a service or taking the bus or train.

5. Watch the news

Stay up-to-date with all that's happening, especially tonight as the ballots are counted and the results revealed.

6. Stay safe

Above all else, stay safe how best you can. 

Today is the day when MagicJacks will be overworked, FaceTime won't catch a break, nobody cares how much an overseas call costs and WhatsApp video and phone calls won't end for hours.

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