Thursday 24 September, 2020

6 Things parents are tired saying this summer post-COVID

Someone playing Pokemon Go on a smartphone (FILE)

Someone playing Pokemon Go on a smartphone (FILE)

Summer 2020 is one for the books.

The heat, occasional storm, and COVID-19 have made for an unforgettable summer.

With children coming off from school at the end of July for a first, and finishing online classes only to now be engaged in online camps, online Bible Study, and online sleepovers, it's a lot of screen time in a world and time when parents were pushing for less.

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It's a summer of indoor activities and a lot of TV, PS4, Xbox, tablets, laptops, Plex and Netflix and parents cannot do much about it.

So what are some things that parents are tired saying to their kids?

1. Turn off the fan if you are not in the room!

Leaving all the fans on as they move from room in these scortching hot times is understandable but not forgivable. With many parents laid off or on shorter hours, now is not the time for high light bills.

2. Do you have your mask?

When you actually venture outside with your child, they're usually very anxious to see the forbidden "Outside" where they once roamed free. However, it's a quick snap back to reality as moms and dads yell: "Where is your mask? Do you have your mask?"

3. Pull your mask up over your nose

It's not the easiest thing for kids who tend to be wearing the wrong size masks or wearing their masks unpside down, but some parents keep angrily whispering: "How many times do I need to tell you, PULL YOUR MASK OVER YOUR NOSE? Jeez!"

4. Say something if your camera is on!

Once a nightmare, now too often an unfortunate reality, parents are getting caught as they stroll through their homes sometimes in undergarments because of the heat, only to hear laughs or screams of "Mummy!" or "Daddy!" and then you look and see five pairs of eyes staring at you. For goodness sake child, "Say something if your camera is on!" Schools' out and parents thought freedom could reign in their own homes, but nope. Not in this new post-COVID norm. It is always a video something - call, conference, fete, concert, party or lime.

5. Did you bathe for the day?

As you walk past the kid that has been glued to the sofa all day, only leaning over to plug in the device's charger periodically, you catch yourself wondering, was he or she there all day today or from yesterday? "Jacob, did you bathe for the day?"

6. Is this the first time you're eating for the day?

And this question comes at night when it's not a mouse in your kitchen rummaging around at 9 pm, 10 pm or 12 am, but instead it's your hungry child. It makes you ask: "Wait, you eat fuh de day? Is this the first time you're eating for the day?" Because contrary to the belief that during this special summer all children are raiding the fridges, there are some gadget addicts who are going hours without eating, drinking and even sleeping. Not all kids are the same.

What are you yelling in your home?

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