Thursday 4 June, 2020

Acting PM concerned: Tents, additional hours to serve pensioners

Persons lined up all around St Thomas Post Office on April 8. (FILE)

Persons lined up all around St Thomas Post Office on April 8. (FILE)

Worried about the vulnerable senior citizens in Barbados, the Government has made some amendments and accommodations to help pensioners speedily and comfortably cash their cheques at the island's post offices.

Witnessing the long lines when post offices reopened yesterday (April 8), the Acting Prime Minister expressed concern about the large numbers of elderly persons gathering outside post offices to cash their pension cheques.


Addressing the nation in a televised update today, she said:

"I too am concerned about the number of pensioners that have been queuing on the streets. We would have made arrangements yesterday [Wednesday] to extend the opening hours for the post offices. Many of the post offices accommodated persons beyond the closing times yesterday and we do appropriate them for their concern to the elderly, but the numbers were simply quite large and as a consequence, we extended the orders to be able to accommodate those persons today," she reiterated. 

Furthermore, she outlined new steps being taken at the post offices, with the exception of the closed airport branch.

She explained:

"We have instituted a system where we have additional workers on staff to be able to meet the demand.

"We have also ensured that at specific locations where it could be accommodated that we have taken the opportunity to erect some tents because we know of course the sun is very hot and we want to ensure that persons are comfortable, while they are practising physical distancing and waiting to be able to be tended by the post office." 

The additional provisions are being put into place at the post offices because the elderly population are an at-risk group for COVID-19, and Bradshaw once more urged seniors to partake in social distancing as they conducted business.

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