Tuesday 27 October, 2020

AG committed his life to 'making Barbados a better place'

Attorney General Dale Marshall

Attorney General Dale Marshall

Attorney General Dale Marshall says that it is an honour to serve as a parliamentary representative.

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"There can be no greater honour for a Barbadian than that they be asked to run in a constituency, and I don't blame Floyd Reifer for saying yes, I would never do that . . . But there can be no greater honour Toni [Moore] than the people asking you to come and represent their interests."

He said this to the Barbados Labour Party candidate in the St George North By-election Toni Moore while at the meeting at Lower Estate in St George (October 11).

Speaking about himself, having been involved in politics for over 30 years, he said:

"This election for the Democratic Labour Party is about a new brand for the DEMs. This election is about a new face for de DEMs . . .

"I joined the Barbados Labour Party in 1986, '86 I was still a university student, still a university student, wet behind the ears, but in 1986 when I joined this Party we had just lost the election, I didn't join before the election and since then I have committed my life and my energy to making Barbados a better place.

"And if there is one thing I can tell you throughout my time . . . we do not make decisions lightly. We don't make decisions about policy lightly, about candidates lightly. Every decision that we make has a lot that goes into it because we recognise at the centre of all this are people and when yuh dealing with people, yuh have tuh get it right."

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To the people of St George North he went on to ask them "Who was it that increased the public servant salaries - the BLP or the DLP? . . . We increased the salaries!

"Who was it that started to pay back the tax refunds?

"Now you know workers are who get tax refunds, workers are who get pay increases. So I want to begin by pointing out to you or at least reminding you that the Barbados Labour Party is well and truly a Party for workers. Don't let there be any doubt about it. The DEMs can say what they like, but they had 10 years, not a salary increase, send home about 5,000 people indiscriminately, they didn't care. They abandoned the job that they were elected to do and the Barbados Labour Party came to rescue this country two years and four months ago."

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