Saturday 31 October, 2020

Amerie has daddy DJ Sheldon Papp wrapped around her finger

DJ Sheldon Papp and Amerie

DJ Sheldon Papp and Amerie

Some little girls can only dream of receiving the love that DJ Sheldon Papp has for and showers upon his daughter Amerie Thompson.

The five-year-old had her father's heart from before she was even born. 

Chatting with Loop Lifestyle the well-known disc jockey who turns up fetes, events and keeps it slamming on the airwaves was at a lost for words trying to describe his feelings for his daughter.

Unlike some parents, Papp knew before she was born that he was going to be having a baby girl according to the ultrasound, but he said that it was still a "heart-warming" feeling when he first held her. Laughing, he said, "words can't describe how I felt when I first met her and held her . . . It was such a warm, mushy, butterfly feeling. I can't put it into words to be honest. Like words don't do these feelings no good."

In five years of watching her grow and being there for her, he said that one major lesson she has taught him is "patience", and on the flip side, some lessons he's making sure to teach her are: "the value of things and life, to always be thankful and never say can’t."

When restrictions started to ease and it meant going back out to work in these COVID-19 times, the DJ admitted, "Yes it was scary!" Being a parent now he said means "Having to look out and make sure your child is well at all times, making sure I don’t come with no germs to spread. I had to make sure she doesn’t touch certain things and always keep everything clean in terms of what she uses and how you do stuff."

Considering he told us: "I would give my child the world, if it was up to me," it was no surprise hearing the working dad also say: "The hardest part about being a dad is hearing, 'Daddy you always leaving me!'" as he gets ready to go off to work. But apart from that, he says "everything" about being Amerie's dad is "easy".

The pair love going to the beach and watching cartoons together. And he said he enjoys teaching his 'Pulu' things. 

Loop asked the proud father, what being a father, in essence, means to him. "Being a father is making sure your child has someone to protect, provide and teach them the values in life! Being called 'daddy' is so simple, yet so meaningful!"

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