Thursday 26 November, 2020

Baby’s interest at heart; Police working with Child Care Board

Clips from the videos

Clips from the videos

The Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) are on the case of a young mother who has been recorded treating her child in an abusive manner.

The video was posted on Instagram one day ago and many people chose to share it with the Child Care Board, Police Force and media houses via their @ names to highlight the issue.

Then one of the three videos was making its rounds on social media.

Police Public Relations Officer, Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler confirmed to Loop News that police are investigating the matter.

“Anything that goes on social media that has criminal connotations, we will investigate. So we are investigating that video as well.”

He said that they are in discussions with the Child Care Board as well.

Asked about possible charges that the mother could face, Cobbler said that they must look at all factors and then determine, however, “for sure we see child abuse in the videos with the baby... That is pure abuse of the child for sure, but we will look at all the videos pertaining to the infant, and then we will decide what we will charge in consultation with the Board.”

Do you think the authorities should take the baby in the video away from the home?


The video, which was seen by most persons and was getting the bulk of the public response is one where she struck the baby girl in her face with her foot multiple times.

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The man recording says, “Stop doing sh*te to de child b. Stop that! Stop that! Stop kicking de damn child in she…” And he does something that makes her stop. As he tells the little girl to "go out dey and sit down and do something," the woman yells, “I hate yuh Kizara, hate yuh. I hate yuh!"

One commenter was saying that the case needs to be reported to the authorities and Child Care Board. The same person also said that the “mother” has three children.  The woman, who appears to be the subject in the video, told the commenter to “shut up”.

In another video, she was force-feeding the baby heaping spoonfuls of food despite the baby fretting and trying to get away in her walker. While in the third video, the baby girl is outside crawling and the woman is inside the housing unit, then she comes outside and hauls up the child holding her suspended in the air by one arm and then she grabbles her up and goes inside.

In the videos, the man recording keeps saying “Stop that!” in the feeding video, and in the video with the baby outside alone, he says to the camera, "Look at dis hay fuh trute… and she call sheself a mother… In a house sitting down and she child through a door.”

It appears he may have been holding a toddler while videoing outside the gate in front the housing unit, because you hear a toddler say ‘Bye Kizara!’ Then, immediately after, when the woman moves to retrieve the child, she says, “Kizara come hay caw you ain gine nuh way!”

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