Tuesday 22 September, 2020

Bajan mother living in NY dies of COVID-19

A 65-year-old Barbadian woman died on Sunday, April 5, in New York from COVID-19.

She leaves to grieve her two daughters, six grandchildren, her sisters, brothers and entire family circle.


Video caption: Acting Prime Minister extends condolences to loved ones whose family members died abroad as a result of COVID-19

Mrs Wilson resided at Hawthorne Street in Brooklyn, New York, and she has been in the United States for some 40 years or so.

She had diabetes.

One of her sisters today (April 8) told Loop News, "I cried for my sister. I cried, but she didn’t stay long, with the breathing and because she had the diabetes, it wasn't long"

She said that her sister was at home and she kept telling her older daughter that she's "feeling a little better," but in two days she was in hospital. She said her sister was hospitalized and had to go on a ventilator. "She died on Sunday."

Asked about the funeral arrangements, she said that because of the disease, the body was cremated "so they will just do a burial."

She said that the ashes were collected and placed in an urn to be buried. Saddened because her sister won't have the usual farewell, she said it won't be a lot of people there because of "the distancing" - the social distancing and geographical distance as all of the family members are not in New York or even in the US at present. 

On April 1, when the Acting Prime Minister Santia Bradshaw addressed the nation, she said that at the time, five Barbadian citizens in New York City had died as a result of complications associated with COVID-19.

"I want to take this opportunity to extend to relatives and friends of the departed our sincere condolences." She said that thousands of Barbadians reside in New York.

Yesterday, Tuesday, April 7, the number of cases in the United States of America was 387,547 with 12,291 deaths recorded. However, in New York alone, there are 138,864 cases with 5,489 deaths and zero recoveries so far. Overall the US has 20,395 recovered patients currently.

Editor's Note: Mrs Wilson's Christian name was omitted intentionally, at the family's request, in an effort to allow the family and loved ones to quietly mourn her passing at this trying time.

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