Sunday 25 October, 2020

Bajans love these 10 drinks during bad, stormy weather

Bowl of thick Cream of Wheat.

Bowl of thick Cream of Wheat.

When it's raining, Bajans like to pour these drinks. They just make you feel warm and fuzzy.

What's your rainy day comfort drink?

1. Cream of Wheat

Bajans love a bowl full of Cream of Wheat or Cream uh Wheat or Creamy Wheat depending on who you ask. But the question is - thin or thick? You want it to drink or eat? 

2. Barley

Seeds or no seeds? Sugar and milk please!

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3. Sago

For some this beats barley and for others it's the ugly step sister. 

4. Milo

For some Bajan children this is the drink that wins every rainy day.

5. Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Be it Swiss Miss or Carnation, many a Barbadian, especially those who have travelled to cold climates, love this to keep warm on a bleaky night of rain.

6. Rum

One shot or two, to kill the worms and the cold, that'll do.

7. Whiskey 

Neat, no rocks. They just want a night cap to feel the warmth going down inside.

8. Tea with biscuits in it

For many the hot beverage doesn't matter, it's that they have some biscuits soaking in it. If it's a true true Bajan at heart, the biscuits will be Eclipse.

9. Ginger tea

The breaker of air. The righter of bad feels. The saver of hearts when people start to feel like they're falling in love. This tea deserves a Bajan award for all the good work it has done and continues to do in this society. It saves lives I tell yuh.

10. Horlicks

Now this is no hot chocolate and for that reason it has its own fans. The price continues to be one that grinds Bajans' pockets, but this malted drink hits the spot on cold, chilly nights and takes some adults back to the days when they didn't pay bills, and their biggest care was will the Ministry close schools tomorrow because of all this rain.

Honourable mentions:

a) Oats

b) Lindseed

c) Coffee/Cappuccino 

What was your favourite comfort drink during thunderstorms and hurricanes when you were growing up?


P.S. Drink responsibly. And if you make your hot beverage with condensed milk, don't use the whole tin on one cup please.

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