Thursday 29 October, 2020

Barbadian is Lieutenant Governor for Kiwanis Eastern Canada and Caribbean District

Jennifer Hinkson’s love and passion for service, her love and passion to help and her love and passion for children, has motivated her and in turn continues to inspire others like her.

It is that drive and positive and willing mindset that others have seen motivating them to elect her as The Lieutenant Governor for the Administrative Year 2016/2017, of the Kiwanis Eastern Canada and Caribbean District.

LG Jennifer says she is approaching the job with a clear understanding that the Division exists to support the clubs that it serves and that her responsibility as Lieutenant Governor is to support the clubs in any way she can.

When she installed the new presidents of the club a week ago she implored them to lead and to do so with the mission of Kiwanis International at heart:

“Our annual changeover of office bearers enables Kiwanis clubs around the word to refocus, to reenergize and to rejuvenate. It enables new club leaders to develop and emerge and it cultivates new ideas in serving our communities new projects and new approaches within our great organisation."

The theme for this Kiwanis year is, “Energize the Dream” that every child can have the opportunity of growing up happy, healthy, safe and loved.

“In keeping with that theme, my theme is 'Dream in Colour: Explore...Educate...Engage'. We hope to fulfill all our dreams in colour to explore new frontiers and build new clubs and communities. Let us support the strategic goals of our District and to continue to grow our Division. In addition, we need to promote the continuous Education of our members on all aspects of Kiwanis, to improve the Visibility of Kiwanis and the things we do as Kiwanians, and to properly manage the Finances of our clubs,” the LG said.

She has promised a momentous year full of hopes, dreams and change for Kiwanis and the District. Her main focus is to embrace The I Plan which is a long range strategic plan designed to strengthen clubs and enhance the member experience.

The I Plan is designed for each division and club to use as a guide to create their own strategic plans and choose their own paths towards accomplishing our common Kiwanis goals.

One can look forward to LG Jennifer fulfilling her personal theme “Dream in Colour”. Her advice to all clubs is to, “dream big, be creative, think outside the box as we explore new frontiers and keep our members engaged.”


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