Monday 28 September, 2020

The Busy Bajan: From idea to fruition in 1 week, Nuh Broughtupsy a hit

Sunset Sealy is the face, name and brains behind Nuh Broughtupsy apparel starting with shirts.

Sunset Sealy is the face, name and brains behind Nuh Broughtupsy apparel starting with shirts.

Emancipation Day 2020 is a day that Sunset Sealy will never forget. It will go down in her history books as the day that she watched her tiny seed of an idea for a business blossom in just one short week.

And Sunset never expected the thing to go like that in her wildest dreams, but like Bussa made a way, her Bussa T-shirt idea created a huge buzz around her new brand 'Nuh Broughtupsy'. 

The shirt said: 'We Gone from bout hay - Bussa, 1816'

The 38-year-old sat down with Loop Business to discuss her ideas, bringing it to fruition and what's next.

"I literally started this short business last week and just today alone the response to the most recent print has been overwhelming.

"I posted two other prints last week and the idea for the Bussa tee came to me around Thursday night (July 30) when I sat brainstorming trying to come up with new print ideas. I thought about Emancipation Day approaching and tried to think of how I could get across the idea of emancipation in a quirky, Bajan way. Then I waited anxiously for Saturday morning and hoped for a good response."

Her first shirt was posted to Instagram a mere seven days ago.

Laughing, for Sunset Emancipation Day was literally like Christmas in August filled with the anticipation and the best gift ever - an overwhelmingly positive response to her design.

Already she said: "I’ve gotten requests from within the Caribbean, the US, the UK and even as far as Belgium." Therefore, "Once I get shipping sorted, that would definitely unlock another level for me.

"I’d love to see my shirts being worn worldwide."

So why graphic T-shirts?

"Oh, I was motivated to do the shirts because I love shirts like this. All my shirts make some sort of statement so I thought; 'Why not print my own and use unique Bajan statements?'

"This was a business idea that I had knocking around for a while but finally implemented it during the COVID period. Over the past six months, if there was a shirt that I wanted, I would just get a one-off print done for myself. A few people here and there would show interest, so I thought if I got the right things to appeal to Bajans, maybe this thing could take off."

Sunset is learning and adapting quickly, so what has been the biggest lesson she learnt in this short week and what has this week taught her about herself?

"It’s been a bit overwhelming, but what I’ve definitely learnt is not to doubt myself. I was very anxious about launching the page and putting the shirts out to the public. What if no one liked them? What if I didn’t get any orders? What if the idea was a flop?"

But it didn't. By the evening of Emancipation Day, due to the high demand, Sunset had to create a post she never foresaw. 'Orders Closed'.

Sunset had to share on her Instagram page:

"Guys, the orders coming in for the Bussa Tee have been fast and furious and we are overwhelmed and grateful! We’ve currently maxed out on orders for this print but stay tuned for the next drop and thank you all so much for your support!"

From self-doubt to overwhelming demand in a week, it's like an Entrepreneur Fairy Tale and Sunset is the Princess.


With everything coming together so exceptionally well, Loop asked about the technical aspects of the business. "Sourcing the shirts is still a work in progress, a learning curve. There are a few places in Barbados that offer shirts, but I’m still looking around to find the perfect type," she explained.

So, how was it when she saw her first printed Tee? "I was very excited after getting the first few test prints. From there I knew what adjustments I had to make before going forward again."

What's next beyond making arrangments to ship to all the persons seeking prints already? "I have several other ideas in the pipeline for shirts and hats, so those should be rolling out over the course of the next several weeks or so.

"And people can drop in the DMs to make their shirt orders. 😁"

IG: @nuh_broughtupsy

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