Tuesday 26 May, 2020

Chefette brings forward its delivery plans due to COVID-19

Chefette Restaurants Ltd is fast-tracking its plans to add a delivery option to its services.

Unbeknownst to many in the public sphere, offering to deliver orders was already on the books for Chefette, but the novel coronavirus pandemic, strict social distancing rules and measures to stop the spread of the viral disease have all caused the business to advance this strategy.

This was revealed by the Managing Director of Chefette Restaurants Ltd, Ryan Haloute.

Haloute told Loop News:

"When we launched our online order and pay system the plan was to eventually do deliveries in the future.  However, this pandemic has changed the landscape and therefore we decided to bring our timelines forward and work on delivery now."

The company will launch after they "have all the food warmer bags, equipment, vehicles, etcetera in place and fully tested."



The Chefette Family wishes to announce that we are working diligently towards the launch of a world class delivery service. To ensure we meet the expectations of you - our loyal customers, we must have the right equipment, the right vehicles and the right software to provide you the highest standards in food quality and food service. This may take a bit more time than you would like, but we must have these things in place so we can deliver a great overall customer experience. On behalf of our dedicated staff, we wish to express our gratitude for your patience and long standing support. We look forward to serving you when permission is granted to reopen drive-thrus and/or restaurants. Please stay tuned for further exciting updates via our social media pages.

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May 4 Instagram post by @iloveChefette 

When asked about the logistics in terms of whether it will be island-wide delivery or within specific radii, Haloute said: "Closer to the launch date we will announce more details as to the specifics of the delivery service we will offer."

Over 5,000 persons have liked the announcement on Chefette's Instagram in the 13 hours since it was posted.

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