Tuesday 26 May, 2020

Magistrate calls Club Paris COVID-curfew bashment 'bare foolishness'

 Dwayne Fenty of Emerald Park West, Six Roads, St Philip pleaded guilty to breaching the Emergency Management Directive and attending a social gathering on May 15.

Dwayne Fenty of Emerald Park West, Six Roads, St Philip pleaded guilty to breaching the Emergency Management Directive and attending a social gathering on May 15.

Out of the 29 persons arrested for socially gathering at Club Paris, Crumpton Street, St Michael and breaching the curfew on May 15, only 40-year-old Dwayne Fenty of Emerald Park West, Six Roads, St Philip pleaded guilty. 

The outside of the District 'A' Magistrates Court was utter chaos on Saturday morning as family and friends awaited the court case of the 29. 

Chief Magistrate, Ian Weekes who was presiding the case, described it as "bare foolishness", as eight females and 21 males were ushered in for violation of the Emergency Management (COVID-19) Curfew Directive (No 4) 2020, in that there being a curfew imposed in Barbados requiring every person to remain indoors between May 3 and midnight May 17, between the hours of 8 pm and 5 am.


Fenty explained he stopped at the Crumpton Street, Bridgetown, St Michael club to drop off something and was offered a drink. He then took this opportunity to greet some of the patrons who were in attendance when police descended at 7.15 pm and arrested everyone present. 

In a forceful but authoritative tone, Magistrate Weekes stated that the 40-year-old should have known better. 

"You gone to a  place to drop off something, a bashment going on, you take a drink at the people bashment where people are socializing. Well, I thought you would drop off the thing and say, 'These people mad or what? What going on here? Let me get from bout here and these people bunch up so and drinking drinks.' Instead, you gone and receive a drink at the bashment, so sir it isn’t making any sense," said the Chief Magistrate. 

Fenty was released on $5,000 bail with 20 weeks to pay the sum. 

Club owners - Stephen Ernest Walcott of Cottage Heights, St George and Corie O'neale Holder of Elizabeth Park, Christ Church pleaded not guilty and were granted bail in the sum of $3,000 and are to reappear at the District D, Cane Garden, St Thomas Court on August 12.  

The other 18 male accused included;

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  1. Edward Humphrey of Gall Hill St John,
  2. Andre Carlos Blackman of Clapham Park Christ church,
  3. Wade Durant, 46, of Walkers Valley, Glebe, St George,
  4. Adrian Maynard of Fordes Road, Clapham, St Michael,
  5. Garfield Golson of Thompson Gap, Spooner's Hill, St Michael,
  6. Rommel Stuart of New Orleans, St Michael,
  7. Joshua Rudder of Lion Castle, St Thomas,
  8. Rondell Ifill, 48, of Shop Hill, St Thomas,
  9. Sha Elton King, 43, of Goodland, St Michael,
  10. Kelvin Orlando Howell, 42, of Bathland, St John,
  11. Andre Anthony Carrington, 38, of  Lower Estate Heights, St Michael,
  12. Clavis Emerson Springer, 60, of Spring Farm, St Thomas,
  13. Colin Errol Junior Maughan, 48, of Ebenezer Village, St Philip
  14. Colin Sidney Eversley, 50 of Workmans, St George. 
  15. Kerry Clarke
  16. Benjamin Benskin of Fire Hall, Rock Hall, St Thomas
  17. Anthony Leroy Pilgrim, 47 of Spring Farm St Thomas
  18. Oswald St Claire Springer 34, Packers Gap, St Patrick's Christ Church 

The accused included eight females:

19-year-old Bianca Griffith, of Hothersal Turning, St Michael, (Guyanese)

29-year-old Stacey Claire of Graeme Hall, Christ Church, (Guyanese)

31-year-old Cheniqua Asha Jones of Birch Path, Regent Hill, St Michael,

24-year-old Asheem Evelyn of Lodge Road, Christ Church, (Jamaican)

30-year-old Sanchea Michelle Alicia Haynes of Lower Estate, St George

30-year-old Crystal Amanda Browne of Ashbury St George. 

23-year-old Emily Duncanson of Vauxhall, Christ Church (Jamaican)

30-year-old Tremine Venise Cring of Roebuck Street, St Michael

The accused besides the two owners are required to reappear between July 21 and August 12 and they were given a court order curfew of 6 pm to 6 am. 


Editor's Note: Previously, police had mistakenly recorded the accused as 22 males and seven females because one of the females had a masculine sounding name.

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