Friday 18 September, 2020

COVID-19: Bajans cautioned against striking fear, alarm with fake news

Acting CMO Dr Anton Best and Press Secretary Roy Morris (FILE)

Acting CMO Dr Anton Best and Press Secretary Roy Morris (FILE)

Police are investigating a malicious and false rumour being shared online and via WhatsApp about the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Barbados as of March 24.

Press Secretary Roy Morris has confirmed to Loop News that the screenshot being shared is false.

He said:

"I have confirmed that the Minister of Health has made no such statement and the matter has been turned over to police for investigation."

With much concern and some anxiety surrounding COVID-19, Morris opined that: "Clearly the author intended to inflame passions among Barbadians at a time when sensitivities are quite high as a result of the fear caused by COVID-19, and people have a duty to act responsibly."

And he assured: "If the creator is traced, he or she will be made to face the full legal consequences of such malicious and irresponsible behaviour."

Barbados COVID-positive statistics remain at 17 presently, with the last update being on March 23.

Persons are reminded to only check credible sources and when in doubt confirm via the Barbados Government Information Service (GIS) website or social media. The GIS website is zero-rated and can be accessed by all.

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