Tuesday 29 September, 2020

COVID-19 update: 12 new cases recorded, all Barbadians

Minister of Health and Wellness, Jeffrey Bostic.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Jeffrey Bostic.

Barbados has recorded 12 new cases of the novel COVID-19 virus. 

This afternoon, Minister of Health and Wellness, Jeffrey Bostic informed the public that out 270 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory on Saturday, August 1, 12 Barbadian citizens/ residents were positive and asymptomatic. 

The six males and six females are imported cases, from 216 persons who were onboard commercials flights coming from the United States, United Kingdom and in transit from Caribbean airlines. 

The Minister pointed out that the majority of the 132 recorded COVID-19 cases have been Barbadian citizens and residents. He emphasized that it was the responsibility of the Government to accommodate all who wished to return home. 

"The Government of Barbados has repeatedly made it clear that it shall accommodate all Barbadians aboard wanting to return home during this crisis . . . . 

It is a moral responsibility of our Government to allow our citizens to return to this country and we believe that we have the facilities, capacity and we also have the expertise to be able to treat our citizens no matter what condition they may be in," said Bostic. 

Bostic revealed that there has been no critical, intensive care cases of COVID-19 within the last six weeks. He noted that most of the cases have been asymptomatic. 

"Most of our cases are without symptoms and we have had not to rely on intensive care or even ventilator treatment. Our quarantine facilities are also adequate and the public health staff work diligently to ensure that all protocols are observed so that those in quarantine pose no threat to themselves or others," he remarked. 

The Minister of Health and Wellness assured that the isolation centre at Harrison Point, St Lucy, was "well able" to handle the increase in numbers and that the staff were "fully equipped" to meet the needs of recovering patients. 


Editor's Note: Following the Zoom press conference by the Minister, it was communicated via the Ministry of Health and Wellness COVID-19 Update that only 10 of the 12 confirmed cases remain in Barbados.

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