Sunday 27 September, 2020

Cumberbatch not forgetting the elderly who wish to retire securely

Valencia Cumberbatch

Valencia Cumberbatch

Some just apply to sit on Boards to make their curriculum vitaes look good and to improve their status quo in society, but not her.

With her finger on the pulse of employment and labour relations in Barbados, Valencia Cumberbatch has a multipoint plan to help young and retiring clients of the Barbados Public Workers Co-operative Credit Union along with its members of staff.

Subscribing to the credit union's motto of 'Here to serve 'people helping people'', Cumberbatch is not just about the post but she's about the business, the job at hand.

Employed as a Payroll Clerk, Loop Business had a chat with Cumberbatch ahead of tomorrow's (September 12) election and voting at the Garfield Sobers Complex.

Loop Business: What made you submit your name for the elections?

Valencia Cumberbatch: I have been actively involved in the Credit Union movement for over 15 years, serving in the Representatives Association, on the Educational Scholarships and Grants Committee and the Credit Committee, where I currently hold the position of chairperson.

I pride myself on the Credit Union’s ethos of ‘People helping People’ and see this Board position as a means by which to impact even more of our members. I look forward to using my experience to support sound policy decision-making and assisting the Credit Union institution in meeting its objectives on behalf of our membership.

Loop Business: Why should someone vote for you?

Valencia Cumberbatch: Service above self is what is needed and, with my knowledge, experience and passion for the Credit Union, members can confidently put their trust in me to remain consistent in my commitment to doing what is in their best interest.

Loop Business: How do you think you can help people most now post-COVID?

Valencia Cumberbatch: I have noticed since COVID-19, there has been a resurgence in the cottage industries and a rising interest among our membership in entrepreneurship. We should perhaps revisit facilities, such as the Small and Micro Business Loan product, which was design to help entrepreneurs. I look forward to being a part of the Board where we can also possibly look at promoting and engaging this cross section of the membership more in these extraordinary times.

Loop Business: What are your top 3 goals or plans for the organisation if elected?

Valencia Cumberbatch: My three top goals are, in no particular order -

· To focus on the youth membership of the Credit Union, especially in the 16 to 35 age category. These are our future leaders and the ones to take this great institution forward. I plan to work closely with the Board and Management to engage this important demographic, to make the Credit Union more visible to them as their preferred financial institution. I also want to see the school-run Credit Unions in all the secondary schools in Barbados.

· To advocate for the improvement of our internal policies as it relates to staff and their educational development, where they can benefit in this regard like any other member of the organization through scholarships and grants, regardless of career choice.

· To work closely with the Board and Management on improving retirement benefits for the older membership of the Credit Union, which is critical since they make up such a large percentage of our national population.

Loop Business: In today's world, do you think more people need to understand what the credit union is and its benefits?

Valencia Cumberbatch: Yes. I think that more people need to understand what being a member of the credit union involves. Not only are there the aspects of savings and loans, there are also ways in which the credit union assists its members whether it be through grants, scholarships, member education sessions, and summer camp programs for the younger ones to name a few. There are also many opportunities to serve our members by volunteering on committees and, similarly, at the Board level.

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Loop Business: Would you like to see all young people having a credit union account?

Valencia Cumberbatch: Yes. This would be excellent as this would encourage young people to save, be financially literate by encouraging them to invest and be better able to manage their financial affairs at an early age. This would give them an important head start in planning for their future.

Loop Business: In this remote learning environment, how would you like to reach entrepreneurs and young people?

Valencia Cumberbatch: I believe the Credit Union has a vital role to play in offering more educational online sessions and having a greater social media presence to reach, engage and build relationships with our entrepreneurs and youth membership so as to better understand their needs.

Get out tomorrow if you are BPWCCUL member to cast your vote at the Garfield Sobers Complex!

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