Thursday 29 October, 2020

Customers cautioned to expect disruptions in water supply this week

Two Barbados Water Authority (BWA) stations will be offline for two days this week.

Residents in the North are being warned that disruptions will occur on Tuesday May 12 and Wednesday May 13. The stations at Alleynedale and Haymans will be offline between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm both days.

The BWA said that this will be done to facilitate urgent electrical upgrades being conducted by the BWA in conjunction with the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited.

What should customers do?

Residents are therefore advised to store an adequate supply of water to assist during this time when their pipe borne supply is expected to be affected. Water tankers will also service customers in the affected districts as a temporary measure.

Who will be affected?

St Lucy

Checker Hall, Shermans, Half Moon Fort, Clinketts, Sutherland Hill, Fustic, Bourbons, Broomefield, Maycocks, Husbands, Friendly Hall, Content, Archers, Crab Hill, Grape Hall, Salmonds, Greenidges, Cluffs, Spring Hall, Bright Hall, Connell Town, Northumberland, Hope, River Bay, Bishops, Coconut Hall, Spring Garden, Salmonds, Rockfield, Lowlands, St. Clements, Round Rock, Chance Hall, Well Road , Pie Corner, Little Bay, Cove Bay, Forsters, Swampy Town, Trents, Mount Poyer, Harrises & Harrises Tenantry, Durhams, Jemmotts, Mount View, Glendolough Road, Josey Hill, Peterses, Rock Hall, Lamberts, Mount Gay, Oxford, Church Hill, Luke Hill, Alexandria, Cave Hill, Graveyard Road, Air View Road and surrounding areas.

St Peter

Collins Tenantry, Date Tree Hill, The Baltic, The Risk, Boscobelle, Colleton Gardens, Colleton, Six Men’s Development and Six Men’s Village, Bakers, Upper Bakers, Rock Dundo, Farley Hill, Benny Hall, Welch Village, Moore Hill, Diamond Corner, Castle, Gays, The Mount, Boscobelle Terrace and surrounding districts.

St James

Sion Hill, Westmoreland, St Silas Heights, Waterhall Terrace, Buccaneer Terrace, Gilkes Road, Baywoods, Hoytes Village, Clover Crescent, Lancaster Phase 2, Prior Park Heights, Holders Terrace, Walcott's Road - Sandy Lane, Thorpes, Bennett’s Road, Apes Hill Development, Buccaneers Terrace, Baywoods, Orange Hill, Endeavour #1, Endeavour #2 , Endeavour #3, Walcott’s Road, Jackman’s Alley, Deanstown Terrace, Blowers, Seaview and surrounding areas.

St Thomas

Plum Tree, Blowers, Bagatelle Gardens, Bagatelle Terrace, Welches, Welches Terrace, Welches Gardens, Redman’s Village, Melrose, Welches Grove, Hillaby, Welchman Hall, Rock Hall, Bagatelle Park, Arthur Seat, Welches Heights, Kew Land and surrounding districts.

St Andrew

Mose Bottom, Gregg Farm, Hillaby, White Hill, Cleland Hill, Greenland, Rock Hall and surrounding areas.

What should customers expect after?

Once the work is completed, the system may take some time to fully recover.

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