Monday 19 October, 2020

Disgruntled parents call for resignation of CXC Registrar

Students protesting outside CXC Headquarters on September 25 (FILE)

Students protesting outside CXC Headquarters on September 25 (FILE)

Frustrated Barbadian parents are seeking to take the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) to the lawcourts following discrepancies in examination results. 

Parent and organiser of the CXC protests, Paula-Anne Moore has revealed that a group of concerned parents from the Barbadian cohort have sought the services of attorney-at-law Garth Patterson of Lex Caribbean to get justice for hundreds of local students who are seeking to contest the marks for CSEC and CAPE. 


Moore was speaking on the popular talk show Down To Brass Tacks when she called for legal action against the examination governing body and the resignation of CXC registrar Dr Wayne Wesley. Moore accused the registrar of not only poor communication with students and regional Ministries of Education but lambasted him for implying that students altered their results.

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"There needs to be an investigation by CXC as how this debacle occurred because there are many faults and many failures on many levels. It is not just that there are children who through their entire life they got Grade Ones and all of a sudden they are getting Grade Fours and Fives. 

There are entire cohorts of students who got ungraded . . . there are children who attended and have evidence that they attended the exam and yet they got ungraded and CXC is saying they didn’t get a grade. 
Conversely, there are children that may not have had performances throughout their school life at grade one level and they got grade ones," Moore contended. 

She added: "The registrar needs to go because his initial response up until this date . . . in addition to that, he accused them [the students] of fraud, it is unacceptable. The registrar needs to apologise and that is optional but he could just go along his business".

Despite the announcement by Sir Hilary Beckles's that the board of CXC will conduct an independent review of the marks, Moore held the concerns of students and parents have gone unanswered. 

"There are lots of questions that have not been answered in Sir Hilary’s statement in terms of how they plan to approach reviewing these grades. Do they expect the normal standard that the public pays $30 US per query or review? How long does that take? What is CXC's plan in terms of the syllabi for the academic year 2021?

"Before this academic year started, CXC should have indicated the extent to which CSEC and CAPE need to be revised because it is impossible. We don’t know what the pandemic is going to bring to us. The normal syllabi are not going to be finished in time. That needs to be addressed and we the public demand answers, we are not going to rest until we get those answers!'

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