Thursday 22 October, 2020

DLP president says Throne Speech was 'warmed over soup'

(FILE) Verla Depeiza, president of the Democratic Labour Party.

(FILE) Verla Depeiza, president of the Democratic Labour Party.

President of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Verla DePeiza has hailed yesterday's Throne Speech as "warmed over and somewhat stale soup".

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The DLP president did not mince her words as she criticized the speech presented by Governor General Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason as "replete with tired clichés from the last campaign trail". 

DePeiza contended the speech was politically influenced and presented no new initiatives to justify the proguing of Parliament. She went on to highlight that the broached amendments such as he unified family court, digitisation and ease of doing business, the blue and green economies and the marijuana industry have been previously addressed by the administration and held that the speech was the Prime Minister's desperate attempt to "reinvigorate her tired and patently incompetent administration in the eyes of a bitterly disappointed electorate".

While welcoming Government's decision to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state, DePeiza argued that the removal of the Lord Nelson statue in Trafalgar Square should have been first addressed. 

"The best representation of a break from our colonial past would be the swift removal of Lord Nelson from its prominent position in Bridgetown. Removal of the statue is a very immediate and achievable action but one wonders if the political will is there," the DLP president questioned. 

She also maintained that more information on the stimulus package should have been provided, especially details as to how it will be afforded.

DePeiza expressed concern about Government's extensive Cabinet and the Prime Minister's appointment of positions for former Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson and former Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Trevor Prescod after removing them from their ministerial portfolios. 

"We do remain concerned that after the window dressing of reducing her Cabinet by relieving MPs Prescod and Hinkson, she has now found work for them, again at the expense of the public purse. It is disheartening as well that the initiative on integrity was reduced to a mere clause in the Speech," said the DLP president. 

"The DLP will remain vigilant on behalf of the people of Barbados and keep the government of the day accountable in respect of what was a disguised manifesto presenting as warmed over and somewhat stale soup," she added. 

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