Thursday 24 September, 2020

VIDEO: Dance instructor Erin Bovell wants you to feel the Flowrk

Erin (far right) during her Flowrk dance class.

Erin (far right) during her Flowrk dance class.

Erin Bovell is trying to get others to go with the flow. 

Like many in the dance fraternity, for her dancing is not just an extracurricular activity, it is a way of life. 

Her Flowrk dance classes have become a way for her to empower others while allowing for inclusivity and channeling sexuality through the art of dancing.


She spoke to Loop News and offered her insight into what motivates her to dance as well as how she has been able to inspire others.




Loop News: When did you start Flowrk and why? 

Erin Bovell: I started in the month of love [February] in 2018. 

At the time I was taking pole and I would watch a lot of women enjoy the acrobatics of the art form but then become timid or unsure of what to do with their bodies in between pole technique and free movement. 

Most of the time these fluid/free movements off the pole take you to the floor and that's how you keep the performance flowing. 

Kind of how, I got to the name "Flowrk" (pronounced flow-work and play on the term floor work) because you're getting the floor work technique, in heels and you're flowing while you work it, baby! 

Loop News: How has it been teaching dance at a time when people cannot be close together?

Erin Bovell: It can be tough. If you are a hands-on tutor like myself, you want to get close to your students and guide their bodies through movements for better understanding and injury prevention or you may want to celebrate by hugging them when they've unlocked a new movement or wowed you with an expressive performance. 

Dance is a social activity and very therapeutic for myself and during our lockdown, cabin fever was heightened and even though online course work presented a wide array of opportunities and it's own community, there's nothing like being in the studio and sharing that ambiance with everyone. 

Loop News: How have you adapted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Erin Bovell: We in Barbados have been extremely fortunate to be back out in our "normal" and at J.A.M Dance Studios, we've put protocols in place to physically distance and adapted the health protocols shared by the MOH [Ministry of Health] so we can get back to doing what we love whilst ensuring everyone's safety.




Loop News: What makes your style of dance so unique?

Erin Bovell: Me, I'm at the center of it, lol. Yes, I am a professionally trained dancer and I've dabbled in numerous genres and I pull from those techniques to share this with my girls but for me, I know I'm not teaching anything that isn't already out there but I believe my personality and delivery is what has made the Women of Flowrk stick around, I'm thankful that they are on this journey of dance with me. 

Maybe in 5 years, the girls and I would've developed a style and you'd look at choreography and know "yep, that's Flowrk".




Loop News: How do women feel in your classes?

Erin Bovell: One thing I can highlight that happens without fail at the end of every term somebody will ask "when's the next class" or "when does the new term start?" and then everyone chimes in. Those moments swell my heart and make me feel like I'm doing something right. 

Loop News: The sensuality in your dance is quite apparent, what about it appeals to you?

Erin Bovell: I've always loved the strength and allure of a woman's femininity. From young, at Louise Woodvine I loved to watch the Mom's class rehearse. They did the most dazzling and freeing of choreographies and I would say I want to be in that class. It's interesting how that has come full circle. I wanted to let my hair down and celebrate my female prowess and not be shamed for my lack of or why I shouldn't behave that way because. 

Loop News: What would you tell people who have never attended your classes as a reason to join?

Erin Bovell: Get ready shake your booty! Understand feeling awkward is apart of the process. Embrace the new network of women you're going to meet - you probably have a lot more in common than you think .

Loop News: You're finished for the season but when will you be back?

Erin Bovell: September once Ms. Rona & 2020, continue to play amicably. Best practice though is to follow the socials @flowrkbb (Instagram) or Flowrk (Facebook) to see when we are back on the floor! 


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