Saturday 5 December, 2020

BUT fed up! Health, Env ministries told solve issue or close L T Gay

Barbados Parliament buildings in Bridgetown (FILE)

Barbados Parliament buildings in Bridgetown (FILE)

The Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) does not want another Louis Lynch Secondary School fiasco.

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To this end, once more, President Pedro Shepherd is calling for swift and proper comprehensive attention to be paid to the Lawrence T Gay School.

"At Lawrence T Gay teachers, students and the ancillary staff suffer from the scent of oil and chemicals daily.  Staff are complaining of itching skin, burning lips, swollen faces etc."

In a statement today (October 28) Shepherd said that "While the BUT applauds the Ministry of Education for a fantastic job done over the last five years, it is not good enough for the other ministries involved to drag their feet while human life is at risk.  

"The BUT therefore calls on the Ministries of Labour and Health to find the source or sources or close the school. We certainly would not want another Louis Lynch. It is almost at a crisis point now!"

He told Loop News:

"I want the Ministries of Labour and Health to take the matter now that the Ministry of Education has done its job and carry out work in the environs to find the sources of the irritants and deal with them."

Shepherd said that the roll of Lawrence T Gay Memorial is nearly 500 and the number of persons at Parliament is "less than maybe 100". He said that the pace at which this school's issue is being handled "shows where the priority lies and how much we really care about our children and public officers - teachers in this instance." Already for this term, Lawrence T Gay was closed due to the impact of odors from outside of the plant.

The Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown were deemed a sick building and Parliament and Senate are being hosted in Worthing temporarily. Barbados' parliament was constructed in the 1800s between 1870 and 1874. On February 24 the House of Parliament was relocated to the Worthing Corporate Centre to facilitate industrial cleaning but it has not returned as yet, some eight months later.

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