Tuesday 7 July, 2020

G-Syndicate fans give their new 'Chemistry' good reviews

G-Syndicate dropped their latest single on Monday, May 11.

G-Syndicate dropped their latest single on Monday, May 11.

Over 1,300 views in two short weeks, just when you thought that the six sweet singing voices behind G-Syndicate couldn’t possibly produce any sweeter sound, they prove that premise wrong.

With the release of their newest single, fittingly called 'Chemistry', the Bajan a capella group continues to show that their blend continues to strike the right chords.

The groovy single is so undeniably rhythmic that it is hard to believe that the track was created only with voices. What continues to set this group apart is the unique mimicking of instruments which they execute so expertly that it sounds like the main vocalists are backed by an entire live band. 'Chemistry' oozes Caribbean flavour with its fusion of sweet soca and Afro beats that makes it a pleasure to the ears, while teasing the body into involuntary movements.

Produced by Chris Allman of Slam City Studios and written by Rachel Rowe, the recent release was actually arranged by one of G-Syndicate’s lead singers, Derek Marshall. Credit for the track’s vocal production goes to Vocaldini while it was mixed and mastered by Anthony Lowhar at Commercial Studios Inc.

In speaking to Loop about the release of the single, Marshall said:

“We felt that it was important to provide a bit of distraction given the worldwide circumstances [the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic] and the response so far has been enthusiastic. This project allowed us to not only fully immerse ourselves in our Afro-Caribbean roots, but also to display the range of things of which we are capable musically, while pushing the boundaries and changing the perception of what people consider to be a capella music.

"We had fun with this project.”

In two weeks, the video on YouTube has amassed over 1,000 views with more than 100 likes. 

Some of the listeners gave good reviews in the comments saying:

"Big tuneeee!! 🙌🏾"

"Push back pun me!! Loving the track guys"

"Groovy tune and catchy too, has me singing along. Good job guys!! A sweet one for sure!!"

"I am most intrigued by the fact that this is totally a capella, & yes I know that they don't use any instruments, but this production is top tier brilliance. Well done @gsyndicate! Ah luv it! 🎉🎊💯🎊🎉"

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