Monday 19 October, 2020

Gline Clarke 'happy' to give 'Moore' to St George North

Soon to resign, Gline Clarke supports Toni Moore.

Soon to resign, Gline Clarke supports Toni Moore.

One Barbados Labour Party (BLP) stalwart is knocking this suggestion that representatives should be born and bred in the constituency to do a good work.

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This as the BLP is promising 'Moore' to the St George North constituents.

Having served the St George North constituency for 26 years from 1994, Gline Clarke said that he is 'happy' to put his stamp of approval on Toni Moore to carry on his legacy in the BLP strong hold.

Kicking off their campaign to get Toni Moore in the faces, minds and even hearts of the constituents ahead of the by-election, which is to be held before yearend, the members of the BLP went to the Flat Rock play park.

Standing at the podium and speaking to constituents who felt like family, the outgoing Member of Parliament (MP) Clarke said:

"I am happy and proud to present to you Toni Moore, who will succeed in this constituency, and I will be going all out, night after night, day after day to ensure that Toni Moore becomes the next MP for this constituency. . ."

He claimed that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is trying to find candidates in this constituency, "they're trying to rake up anybody to bring here, but we in the Barbados Labour Party had several persons who were interested in contesting, but they have all agreed that Toni will be our representative, our candidate, so do not allow them to fool you."

He cautioned them, issuing words of warning:

"You must not allow them to infiltrate you the people of Flat Rock. You must not allow them to infiltrate the people of Barbados. Let us stand firm behind the Barbados Labour Party. . .

"For 10 years, between 2008 and 2018, this constituency got not a single help from the DLP. We were neglected. We were neglected for 10 years by the Democratic Labour Party. Everything I asked for were not given, nothing!" 

Clarke went on to say that in light of the impact of COVID-19 on top of previous job cuts under the previous administration, "I put my full support behind Toni because I know she understands the plight of single mothers, and single families. She understands labour. She understands when people are not working what happens to them. There are lots of people in Barbados tonight that is not working. . .

"You have to trust the Barbados Labour Party. We believe that people must work to provide for their own selves, to provide for their families. We believe it is a must. And Barbados Labour Party is a party of choice, first choice tonight." 

Acknowledging that despite the fact that in the past five elections, the BLP has gained and held this constituency, he told the youth in St George North to do their part still. "You have to go out there and ensure the young people vote for Toni." 

And he stressed: ". . .Do not allow DEM to tell you bout hometown person. . . Toni grow up in this village, she is much a part of St George as anyone else and we support here and we will be going allout to support her. 

"The Democratic Labour Party has not done anything for you."

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