Sunday 29 November, 2020

Hurricane preparedness tips

With the first named weather system occurring as early as May this year, depite the June 1 official start date for the annual hurricane season, islanders need to be prepared now more than ever. 


Here are some quick reminders of how to prepare for an incoming tropical storm or hurricane.

  1. Protect your windows from the threat of flying debris, by installing shutters.
  2. Ensure that your roof and foundation are secure.
  3. Check for termite damage.
  4. Trim tree branches.
  5. Have an up-to-date insurance policy.
  6. Secure emergency supplies and important documents in watertight containers.
  7. Have a portable first-aid kit.
  8. Know the location of the nearest emergency shelter.
  9. Monitor the amount of rainfall outside.
  10. Secure emergency supplies and important documents in watertight containers.
  11. Keep on hand lumber, a hammer, torchlight, masking tape, medicine, boots, rubber gloves, raincoat, nails, rope, wires, plastic sheeting, and sandbags.
  12. Have enough water stored in sealed plastic containers to allow for cooking, bathing, washing, and other domestic chores for two weeks.
  13. Have canned foods and dried goods and a portable transistor radio.
  14. Keep listening to your local radio station for updates and advisories.
  15. Always have a plan for your home as well as your office.
  • Persons living in low-lying areas should move household items to higher levels and prepare to evacuate when the water begins to rise.
  • Turn off all electrical appliances.
  • Remove TV antennas from the roof.
  • Have emergency cash available.
  • For more tips check GIS for more information here

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