Sunday 5 April, 2020

Jessica Reynolds charts her path and continues to hunt greatness

Jessica Reynolds continues to Hunt Greatness

Jessica Reynolds continues to Hunt Greatness

Inspiring others in her work and pursuing her dreams in the process. This is what "29 and 3/4 years old" Jessica Reynolds is doing with her brand Artemis Arts.

The brand started as a blossoming dream in 2012, but as Jessica sees it she has always had a little designer in long before that. 

Now the brand has become a full-fledged business that sells T-shirts and varied textiles which center heavily on inspirational and artistic messages and symbols.

Artemis still Hunting Greatness


"At its core, Artemis Art is about good vibes you can live in. I'm a huge believer in surrounding yourself with things that inspire you, especially since life can be so hard at times. I wanted to create something that inspired everyone to keep #HuntingGreatness, whatever that looks like for them."

Even though the brand sometimes channels a lot of female empowerment themes, Jessica says this was never intentional.

"Does it channel female empowerment themes? Consciously? No. Subconsciously, it's a possibility.
As a kid, I was a lover of Greek mythology, and Artemis always stood out to me. She was the goddess of hunting, among so many other things. That really blew my mind as a kid. When it came time to give my brand a name, she was an easy choice. She was in tune with what she hunted, and no one could best her. To my mind, she was a perfect symbol of excelling where no one expected you to. I wanted that to be the feeling that my brand inspired in people. It's only afterward that I realized the strong girl power vibes that had!"

As for inspiration, Jessica has many who allow her to best create and feel empowered.

"To be cliché, I'll start with Rihanna. She is unapologetic and multifaceted in her expression and that's where I am to be as a creative. Closer to home, people like Israel Mapp of Union Collaborative and Empress Zingha & DJ Simmons of Wuh Gine On fam. Their love of the arts, and desire to carve out spaces for it right here in Bim inspires me to keep doing what I do.

Stylistically, it's more of a what than a who. I'm in love with traditional art from different ethnic groups: African people, Polynesian, Asian, all of it. The patterns you find in nature. Architecture. Textures. The stars...everything and anything really! It's a lot, so to keep it simple we can just say I'm inspired by love, life, and the wilderness."

Jessica has been able to achieve a lot and continues to hustle and stay humble in her work but ultimately she says in a mostly joking fashion, that she vows to get out the game by "Retiring Young."

Looking to the future, she hopes to leave a positive impact on the world by doing designing on a larger scale. 

"I started with tees and have gotten an amazing response so far. Moving forward I want to move deeper into fashion and designing in general. Design is such a big world, and I want to explore as much of it as I can so people can really get the 'positivity you can live in' experience. I also want to give back on a much larger scale. So many people have helped me get where I am, so I want to pay that forward in as many ways as possible!"

So if you are in the market for wearable art that empowers and inspires, you can look to Artemis Arts and continue #HuntingGreatness just as Jessica does.

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