Saturday 28 November, 2020

Kamala Harris' husband Emhoff makes history - first Second Gentleman

Douglas Emhoff embracing his wife, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (AP)

Douglas Emhoff embracing his wife, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (AP)

Kamala Harris’ ascendency to US Vice President is creating another type of history.

According to many sources, Douglas Emhoff will be the first 'Second Gentleman' when Harris is sworn in in January 2021.

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Traditionally, the wife of the president of the United States is called the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS). Therefore, Dr Jill Biden will be FLOTUS. What is little known is that informally, the wife of the US Vice President is referred to as the Second Lady of the United States (SLOTUS). Less commonly used than FLOTUS, the term SLOTUS was first used in 1897 by Jennie Tuttle Hobart, wife of Garret Hobart, the vice president to William McKinley who was assassinated in 1901.

Now for the first time in history, the Vice President is a female and it is being touted that Emhoff will be deemed the Second Gentleman.

What will he do?

USA Today reported that Emhoff during a "Lawyers for Biden" event said that he would focus on "access to justice" as an issue while he's Second Gentleman. He recalled being shocked, as a young lawyer going to Los Angeles’ Superior Court, by all the people lining the halls in need of legal help.

Five facts about the 56-year-old Douglas Emhoff:

  1. He is originally from Brooklyn, New Work.
  2. He is Jewish.
  3. He was married once before.
  4. According to USA Today, the entertainment lawyer and partner with the firm DLA Piper since 2017, took a leave of absence after Harris joined Biden's ticket so that he could focus on the campaign.
  5. Tatler reported that in an interview with Marie Claire, he joked: 'I'm not overtly political. I'm overly her husband.' Discussing how he supported her when she dropped out of the Presidential Race, he also explained: 'She made that decision, and I would have supported whatever she decided. But I’m not her political adviser. I’m her husband. And so my role was to be there for her, to love her, to have her back, to talk it through, to help her.'

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