Friday 3 April, 2020

PHOTOS: Hygiene items flying off shop shelves due to COVID-19 fears

Extra-long lines in Popular Supermarket after 9 am this morning

Extra-long lines in Popular Supermarket after 9 am this morning

Barbadians are on high alert in light of the global spread of the novel coronavirus.

Some citizens have taken to stockpiling as many emergency goods as they can in the event that government announces a lockdown or a state of emergency.

Loop checked in with four of the island's leading supermarket retailers this morning to see what items were high on shoppers' must-have lists. 

Supermarkets dealing with Corona shopping

After 9 am Popular Supermarket in Kendal Hill was packed with barely any parking. The checkout lines were much longer than usual. Items such as hand soap, hand sanitizers, Lysol wipes and surgical/rubbing alcohol were flying off supermarket shelves.

Over at Massy Supermarket in Coverley, the atmosphere was different with the store being close to empty. Shelves were being restocked with cleaning supplies and toiletries that people have been buying up over the past two days.

With the mad rush for hygiene items, it was no surprise that the retail giant was at the moment also out of stock with regard to sanitizer, alcohol, and wipes but promised to replenish their supply "very shortly".

Rumors had emerged that some retailers had limited the sale of Lysol cleaning items and other products per shopper. This proved to be true over at Trimart in St Martin's. They too were out of wipes, sanitizer and Lysol at the moment. 

Asked about the restriction on quantities, a manager who rather remain anonymous, explained:

"We just want to make sure there is enough for everybody and that we can supply Barbadians at this time with what they need. But we will have back stock I believe by this weekend."

At Emerald City in Six Roads, there was little parking available and inside the supermarket there were moderate lines.  Supervisors told Loop they were unsure when those in-demand items would be restocked as they too had been met with a rush of people buying up as many of the products as possible. However, they chose not to place any limits on customers purchases.

They however had signage urging customers to refrain from sneezing or coughing on merchandise. 

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