Friday 14 August, 2020

Take Down Nelson petition creator calls Government's decision historic

Statue of Nelson / Photo courtesy GIS

Statue of Nelson / Photo courtesy GIS

The creator of the petition to take down Lord Nelson has responded to Government's decision to move the much talked about statue. 


Alex Downes started the petition on June 7 as a result of the growing Black Lives Matter protests in America. In just shy of two months, the petition was able to amass a whopping 11, 838. Downes revealed that Barbadians in the Diaspora, living in the United States and United Kingdom, along locals reached out to say "they were happy with the movement".


Now the History and Law graduate is hailing the announcement by the Mia Mottley-led Administration as a historic moment that should make Barbadians feel proud.

"I think this is an incredible moment in Barbadian history. A movement spurred on by young people and inspired by the older generations, has finally resulted in the Nelson statue being moved. I can only believe this augurs well for the future of this country as we begin to deal with and resolve additional social issues," Downes told Loop News

At present, there is still no decision on where the statue may be placed, but Downes still believes that it belongs in the Barbados Museum. "I can envisage the statue being placed in the National Museum provided the okay for that is given." 


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However, Alex is encouraging young people to join in and let their voices be heard with their suggestions as to where they believe the statue should be placed. 


"I'm excited to see what other suggestions Barbadians come up with. I want young people to understand they can make a positive change on whatever issue as they see. We have to actively shape our future," Downes added. 

Submissions from the public on possible sites for the relocation of the monument can be emailed to

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, August 5.

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