Thursday 24 September, 2020

No chicken shortage on island, contends James Paul

Broiler and layer chickens (FILE)

Broiler and layer chickens (FILE)

The poultry farmers in Barbados are still capable of supplying and meeting the demands of the local market.

Saying this without fear of contradiction was the Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS), James Paul.

Speaking to Loop News after one fast-food chain reported closures due to an unavailability of chicken from their supplier, he said that first of all that establishment orders "a particular size chicken" and those would have to be set aside, so he said what the closure notice said to him is that the supplier had an issue with that specific request.

Despite understanding the plight or "difficulty" Chicken Barn is facing, Paul asserted:

"I would not use this to say that there is an overall shortage of chicken in Barbados. As a matter of fact there have over 125,000 kilograms in cold storage, it is just that the particular type of chicken they wanted is not available. 

"There is still a large number, quantity of chickens on island to cater to all Barbadians, but in terms of a shortage it may be to that specific size so they are not able to get the size that Chicken Barn is accustomed to, that is one, second thing is that the whole question in this fastfood industry, a lot of them want particular sized chickens, particular cuts or whatever, and I think what maybe happened  to Chicken Barn on this particular occasion is that the the limited size they want, that they can't accommodate."

Paul met with poultry farmers on island up to earlier this week for updates on supplies and stock.

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