Thursday 29 October, 2020

Parents reminded to note school days, times with timetable shifts

Students at the Christ Church Girls Primary School were instructed to sanitise their hands at the entrance.

Students at the Christ Church Girls Primary School were instructed to sanitise their hands at the entrance.

Despite all efforts to have a smooth start to the new school term, there were some hiccups at the Christ Church Girls School this morning. 


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Several students had to be instructed by teachers to maintain social distancing and to sanitise their hands. Meanwhile, with school being closed for nearly six months due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Reception and Infants students forgot the location of their classrooms and their teachers. 
Additionally, some parents arrived at the Water Street, Christ Church primary school, to discover that their children's year group was scheduled for another day. 

Christ Church Girls principal, Orlaine Benn told Loop News that she planned to post a notice of the staggered times and COVID-19 protocols at the entrance of the school as a reminder to parents. 

"There were several parents who were not familiar with what is supposed to take place and I believe that going forward we have to find a way to make communication effective," Benn said. 

She revealed that last week she hosted three meetings via Google Meet with parents, but some parents did not or could not access the virtual meetings to receive updates on the changes to the school protocols. 

"Going forward we will have to make sure the little challenges are ironed out to satisfy that process of school and parents because you don’t want to turn up at a school and then there is that uncertainty," the Christ Church Girls principal remarked. 

Christ Church Girls Primary School

She expressed that the anticipated "bottleneck" occurred on the first day as students struggled to adjust. Nevertheless, she expected students to get accustomed to the "new normal" eventually.  

"Children have not been in school since March and we are bringing hundreds of children into a new environment and new protocols that they are not familiar with. I expected the bottleneck to occur but I still think that it went smoothly with the installation of a stand-alone hand sanitizer that was able to reduce the process significantly." 

Benn disclosed there are changes to class size as well as the timetable. Each class will have a maximum of 18 students. Students from Class Two, Three, and Four will have fulltime face-to-face classes, while students from Reception to Class One will attend school four days a week. 

She indicated that adjustments would be made as the term progresses or as warranted. 

In keeping with health and safety protocols, there are sanitisation stations at strategic locations around the school and each classroom has hand sanitisier.  Social distancing signs have been placed around the school and in the classrooms. There are also social distancing markers at locations where students congregate. 

Benn shared that teachers have used the game Simon Says to re-enforce the protocols.

"We have to go back to the little game that we played just before lockdown which is 'Simon says no hugging, Simon says no touching'. These are the little things we have to ask the children to relearn," she added.  

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