Saturday 28 November, 2020

New licences to help not harm pleasure and commercial vessels

Maritime Attorney, Najla King

Maritime Attorney, Najla King

New legislations for Pleasure and Commercial vessels are set to be implemented in the coming future. 

This was announced today by the Maritime Attorney, Najla King, as she spoke at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy (MMABE) Panel Discussion. 

“The importance of the legal separation was so as not to impose onerous requirements on smaller vessels that realistically cannot comply with the inordinate the amount of requirements pertaining to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conventions”. 

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These regulations will cater to the size of vessels, their area of operation, and their day-to-day activity. 

“For instance, we have small vessels that commercially operate for profit and those who operate just for pleasure, but we have to ensure that these vessels are always operating in a way that they do not cause a danger to those operating at sea” she explained. 

In this regard, pleasure vessels registered in Barbados will be required to obtain a Pleasure Vessel Operating Certificate of Competency. Additionally, commercial vessels will be operating under a Barbados Small Vessel License. 

King stated that this is to transform the shipping industry of Barbados by making it sustainable and to promote economic growth. 

It will also create another avenue of employment in Barbados. Persons who have experience being “on the water” as King described it, will have the opportunity to train others in seamen navigation and various other maritime operations. 

Pleasure vessels will also be allowed to make a profit from maritime operations once they have obtained a temporary permit. 

In addition, King announced that there will be an introduction of Night Water Taxi Services. These taxis must have navigational lights and must adhere to the general safety and navigation rules. 

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